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What is an Arhat?

The work "Arhatic" used in MCKS Arhatic Yoga comes from the root "Arhat". It might be of interest and use to understand what an Arhat really is. An Arhat is a highly evolved human being. An Arhat is one who has gained insights on the true nature of one’s existence....

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Reincarnation: A Right Understanding

Birth, death and rebirth form the major events in the circle of life and incarnation. However different traditions view death and dying different. Hinduism and Buddhism speak of two certainties. Firstly, that any individual who has been born, must ultimately die and...

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Deciphering The Secret Doctrine

Master Choa Kok Sui taught that: "One way to start on the spiritual path is by reading good books." Through the years Master has stressed on the importance of study as a means to develop the mental faculties of the soul. Study is also emphasised as a key pillar in...

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The Law of Karma: Create Your Destiny

Karma literally means “action” and “deed” in Sanskrit. Karma is the Law of Cause and Effect, Action and Reaction, Sequence and Consequence. We are always setting causes in motion, every moment, through our every act, our every word, and even our every thought. For...

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Chakras: Decoding the Energetic Anatomy

Very often in esoteric books we read of the term chakras. The word chakra in Sanskrit literally means "wheel". A chakra is like a wheel. It is circular and it rotates. So what exactly is a chakra? And what are its functions? According to Master Choa Kok Sui, chakras...

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