Everyday Miracles Through Pranic Healing

We have often been asked “Does Pranic Healing actually work?” Here you can read testimonials from people from different walks of life who have experienced the power of Pranic Healing in transforming different aspects of their lives.

This page is regularly updated. We would be very happy to hear of your experiences with the teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui. Please feel free to share your stories with us via e-mail or through our online feedback form.

Everyday Living

My Experience After Day-One Of The Basic Pranic Healing Workshop 

At the end of the first day of the Basic Pranic Healing workshop we were presented with an assignment. We were asked to go home and practice healing a simple case. My mom (59 years old) had slipped in the bathroom and hurt her shoulder. She took Combiflam twice to relieve her pain but it did not help. I attempted to help by applying what I had learnt earlier that day. I did her healing which took me about twenty minutes. She said she was relieved of about 70% of her pain. After two more sessions on the following two days her pain disappeared completely. I found it very incredible that I was able to produce results so quickly after learning Pranic Healing!

Chhaya Bahri

Homemaker, Kolkata (India)

Parenting Made Easier Using Pranic Healing

Even my 5-year-old can feel the effect and almost immediate benefit from healing. If she falls sick or gets hurt she doesn’t ask me for medicine but for healing. This is how effective Pranic Healing is!

Anisha Motwani

Marketing Professional, Kolkata (India)

Managing A Medical Emergency… While Abroad

I had planned a two-week vacation to Russia with my family. Unfortunately, my younger son (4 years old) fell ill with high fever during the trip. Overall this was a challenging situation given that I was on a trip overseas with limited access to doctors. Also the temperature was significantly high at 104-degrees F. I applied the protocol for fever four times over the duration of 2 days. For one I found that the temperature immediately came under control… and was gone in two days. The rest of the trip was uneventful and my children enjoyed themselves. Very thankful for the gift of Pranic Healing which enabled me to manage this medical emergency on my own.

Rohit Handa

Businessman, Kolkata (India)

Rescuing a Pet 

We used to have a cat and 3 kittens. When the kittens were around 6 months old, one of them suddenly fell very sick. At around 4 am, we heard a loud, painful cry of a cat outside our flat. When we opened the door, we saw a kitten lying flat on the ground and crying in pain. He was unable to walk properly and was letting out a heart wrenching cry every few seconds. It was unbearable and our first reaction was to call the vet. Being that early in the morning, we were unable to contact any of them. I felt totally lost and helpless.

We noticed that the cat was constantly resting his head on some kind of support. We realized that he had locked himself up in a closet with an old inverter and had inhaled the toxic fumes which was causing this unbearable pain in his head. Meanwhile, we got through the vet’s phone and requested him to hurry to our place.

My elder son had recently learnt Pranic Healing and started applying sweeping. As soon as he started applying healing on his head area, his cries became softer and within 5 minutes, he went and slept on his cushion! The vet came half an hour later only to find a peacefully sleeping kitten. It was my first encounter with Pranic Healing and I was simply amazed and extremely grateful for this technology that saved my pet that day.

Richa Tibrewala

Homemaker, Kolkata (India)

Life’s Challenges

Solving Severe Relationship Problems 

One of the toughest phases in my life came shortly after my marriage. For some reason I had a really bad relationship with my mother-in-law. Soon after marriage her tantrums started. She used to taunt me for every minute thing, be it any household chores or any post marriage rituals. She was very interfering with my life and used to mentally dominate me. I was seldom allowed to go out of the house (even for a couple of hours to meet my parents). I asked my husband for support, but even he was unable to sort the matter out. I was desperate and willing to try anything. Fortunately, for me I had done the Basic Pranic Healing seminar. I was advised to do Meditation on the Twin Hearts and to bless and forgive my mother-in-law. Initially I was skeptical, but given that I was desperate I decided to give it a shot. Initially I did not see a lot of change. However, I kept at it. Even if I wasn’t able to find time to meditate, I would mentally picture my mother-in-law in front of me and bless her with loving energy. And slowly but gradually things did start changing. I kept at it. It took months – but I can say for sure that I have been able to successfully normalize my relationship with my mother-in-law. Today, not only are we civil, but we are actually friends.

Interestingly, through the early part of the marriage I used to keep thinking I was the victim. However, gradually I also started realizing that my reactions towards my mother-in-law were far from ideal. There were a large number of situations which I hadn’t handled well (possibly was to do with my immaturity levels when I was younger). There were also faults at my end – which I had the realization to rectify. Really thankful to have access to teachings that helped me put a turbulent part of life behind me.

Name With-held Upon Request

Homemaker, Kolkata (India)

Pink Slip. Pranic Healing Comes to the Rescue. 

I was working in a large media house back in 2007. Owing to office politics and other issues I was unfairly and unceremoniously asked to put down my papers. While I did manage to get myself reinstated through several high-level escalations, I knew that I didn’t have much in terms of future with my current organization. Hence I applied the principles of Kriyashakti for a right job with the right pay. What transpired was quite extraordinary. Within a week I got a job offer with a larger company and a 30% pay hike! It has been years since that incident… but the results from applying the techniques taught by MCKS never fail to amaze me.

Chandrika Thirani

Sales Professional, Kolkata (India)

Dealing With Autism Using Pranic Healing 

My son Master Aninda Basak was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), which affected his development in general and speech language development in particular. We started with Early Intervention program (EIP), speech therapy etc. However, with all those intervention programmes on we find that there are still some issues with behavioural management, speed of development of speech etc. I decided to give Pranic Healing a shot. Initially, after a few months of healing sessions I observed the level of hyperactivity coming down. I subsequently requested for speedy development of speech. After a few months we could feel the speed of development accelerated which (was not being possible by speech therapy alone). I also requested for help regarding his behavioural patterns. As always, we could feel some perceptible change in few months’ time.

With Pranic healing sessions I observed that my knee-jerk reaction in few weeks were that “I could not feel any difference”, but, with patience of few months the feeling changed to “I could feel the difference”.

With three years of continuous healing session in distant mode and several interaction and feedback sessions the condition of Master Aninda Basak has improved in which Pranic Healing definitely have some positive contributions. During these years I not only sought help for ASD but also for some physical ailment and my observation was that with additional help of Pranic Healing recovery process always accelerated.

Apurba Kumar Basak

Engineer, Kolkata (India)

A Pregnancy… With Triple The Risk

Expecting a baby tends is an exciting time for parents. In my case though the reaction was less of excitement and more of panic. Our first USG pointed towards an unexpected complication… we were pregnant with triplets! Triplet pregnancies are considered to be very high risk. 90% of triplet births are preterm at around 32 weeks with a body weight below 1.5 kgs. Low birth weight results in an increased risk of developing initial complications as new-borns such as respiratory distress (there is a 80% chance that new-born babies would require ventilators shortly after birth). Triplets additionally are at increased risk for having long-term health problems such as mental retardation, cerebral palsy, vision loss, and hearing loss. And there is also the possibility of losing the entire pregnancy.

Our doctors advised us to consider selective foetal reduction… a choice we opted not to take. Our doctors said that the decision was ‘courageous’ (while there a couple of specialists who used the word ‘madness’) but I had been witnessing the miracles of Pranic Healing on almost a daily basis for over 14 years of my life; and hence was confident around what can be achieved through the teachings of MCKS. So began the journey where we supplemented conventional medical care with regular Pranic Healing treatment to aid an uneventful and healthy pregnancy for my wife and the triplets.

We went for regular check-ups and counted the weeks as they passed. We got to 28 weeks. Then to 32. Then to 34. The doctors didn’t expect us to get that far. And finally, the babies arrived at exactly 36 weeks, each with a birth weight in excess of 1.8 kgs. Our doctors told us not to celebrate yet. Triplets usually spend weeks in the NICU. There were likely to be complications that would emerge. We were told to be prepared. But I knew that they were fine.

The sons spent a grand total of 7 days at hospital – after which they were discharged. The doctors found nothing wrong with them. All three were completely healthy. Even after a year our doctors still look at us with a look of amazement whenever they meet us. They think we were just plain lucky. But I know that the successful pregnancy wasn’t to do with luck – but because of the wonders of Pranic Healing. Am forever grateful to MCKS for sharing the priceless teachings.

Saurabh Thirani

IT Professional, Kolkata (India)

Stopping A Suicide  

This is an incident from my life from about a decade ago. I received a frantic phone call from a friend. Her brother had locked himself in his room and was threatening to take his life (his girlfriend had broken up with him on that day). My friend was panicking. I disconnected the phone after saying: “Don’t worry. I will do something.” At that point I was on business travel to London. I had attended the Pranic Psychotherapy workshop a year ago… but didn’t have access to the book of MCKS. However, I recalled that the survival instinct had to do with the basic chakra. I quickly started cleansing and energizing the basic chakra of my friend’s brother (all the time praying for Divine help and guidance). I also recalled that the heart chakra was connected to being happy. After cleansing the basic chakra I quickly started working on the heart chakra with a view to activate it. In about 20 minutes I got a call back from my friend. She said that her brother had unlocked his room and was looking calmer. When I think about this incident, my first reaction is “Wow… did that really happen?”   

Name With-held Upon Request

Business Consultant, Kolkata (India)

Periventricular Leukomalacia   

My daughter had a developmental disorder called Periventricular Leukomalacia (PVL). PVL is characterized by the death of the white matter of the brain due to softening of the brain tissues. Clinically PVL is caused by a lack of oxygen of blood flow to the periventricular area of the brain. There is no specific treatment for PVL. My daughter was unable to walk and has very high power in both eyes (to the tune of -7 spherical in both eyes) and has trouble in talking (slurred speech). She was also a pre-mature baby. We started Pranic Healing for her when she was five years old. In about 3 months she started walking with support. In about 5 months following the healing she could climb stairs with support. The slurring of the speech had totally gone. This was ten years ago. Currently she studies at school in class IX. She walks on her own… but with a slight limp. She is coping well with her school and is good at studies.

Mousumi Paul

Homemaker, Kolkata (India)

Life Is Meaningful And Beautiful

I have been with the school for over 15 years now, and for me the MCKS Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga system has become a way of life. The teachings of Pranic Healing help me deal with the day-to-day pains and problems. The teachings of Arhatic Yoga help me become a better person with each passing day. My gradual transformation as a person is possibly one of things that motivated my husband to also start learning Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga (he completed the Arhatic Yoga workshop in 2013).

The teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui have helped me walk through the most challenging times of life. The first instance of seeing a major challenge came back in 2002. A few months after I learnt Pranic Healing a major family tragedy occured. At that time the concepts of the soul, of karma, of blessings, and energy healing helped me stay calm and manage the situation. The teachings also strengthened me to become a pillar of support for the rest of my family members. More recently, my husband went through a business-financial crisis which started snowballing out of control quickly. The tools, techniques and spiritual teachings together helped us to take the right decisions act properly through the entire series events. We eventually come out of the situation stronger and more successful!

One of the things that I have seen through the past 15 years or so is that just about every wish I make or every requirement I have has always been met (and this is possibly a reason why I have become careful of what I wish for). After Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga life is more meaningful and beautiful.

Deepti Khettry

Chartered Accountant and Pranic Healer, Mumbai (India)

Critical Health Issues

Relief From Medical Problem Which Had No Scientifically Proven Treatment  

Imagine a constant buzzing sound in your ear. 24 hours a day. You never get a break. It is always there. Nobody else but you can hear the noise. The noise does not come from any external source. It is not imaginary. And you are the only person who can hear the noise. The noise is annoying. It is painful. It is draining. You are unable to function normally. This ailment is called tinnitus.

After two weeks of dealing with a buzzing sound in my ears, I visited a renowned Doctor on 15 June 2017. I was advised to go through a couple of very expensive tests. I was diagnosed with tinnitus. I was told that there was no definite cure for this ailment.

Meanwhile I started taking Pranic Healing treatment for the problem. After about 4 sessions of, I started doing the Meditation of Twin Hearts before the healing. I observed a major acceleration in my healing process owing to the Advanced Pranic Healing protocols for tinnitus. After about two months (24 sessions of Pranic Healing to be exact) the buzzing has reduced by over 90%!!! Extremely thankful.  

Apoorva Thirani

Businessman, Kolkata (India)

The Gift of Better Eyesight   

[This testimonial has been translated from Bengali]

Last year my son was diagnosed with a condition called “dancing eyes” (medically this is called Congenital Nystagmus). This condition is characterised by involuntary eye movement (oscillation like a pendulum) that results in reduced or limited vision. Objects may seem a little blurry children given that they cannot keep their gaze steady. It is similar to what an adult might experience if he or she was attempting to read a book in a moving car. I was informed that this condition is untreatable medically. 

I was facing challenges owing to this condition given that my child was unable to read off the blackboard at school. I had to frequently borrow books from his classmates to copy down the homework and assignments that were provided. Having learnt Basic Pranic Healing I decided to try healing. I did feel that there were improvements after a couple of months of regular treatment. Recently I took my child for his yearly eye check-up. The doctor was very puzzled looking at the case history given that he found his gaze to be steady.

Anita Dey

Homemaker, Kolkata (India)

Supporting Recovery From Cancer  

Back in October 2015 my three-year-old son was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML). It felt as if my entire life had come crashing down. There were many sleepless nights that were spent outside the NICU while the induction phase of chemotherapy and frequent blood transfusions were started. We got frightful ‘scares’ on several occasions. It was at this point that a colleague at office suggested (or rather insisted) that I have a shot to Pranic Healing treatment to compliment conventional treatment.

Treatment for AML is long and protracted. Chemotherapy is at the minimum given for a year (with reduced doses during the consolidation and maintenance phases). In addition to dealing with the disease, a big problem is to manage the side-effects induced through the chemo. The most remarkable thing that I observed before and after chemo treatment was that the incidence of complications and side-effects through the treatment was minimal. There were occasions when my son complained about severe discomfort, which settled a few hours after Pranic Healing was applied. Chemo is also known give rise to behavioural problems (such as hyperactivity, aggressiveness etc.). This was also reported to the healer periodically. Following minor changes in the healing protocols we observed that the boy was calmer and happier.

The cancer has currently gone into remission. My son is able to lead a normal life and look forwards to going to school. I strongly believe that this has been accomplished through a combination of excellent medical care received in conjunction with the Pranic Healing treatment.

Indranil Dey

Software Engineer, New Jersey (USA)

Repairing Organ Failure     

My friend, Seema Agarwal one day called me and mentioned that her daughter, Trisha, who at that time was 3 years old, was diagnosed with Auto Immune Hepatitis Disease. Her doctor had started a heavy dosage of Steroids and mentioned that if her health condition does not improve in 6 months then she would have to undergo ” Liver Transplant”. The cost of the procedure was estimated at Rs. 24,00,000. She also sent her pics where Trisha’s face had doubled due to the side effects of these medicines. On seeing this I got alarmed and immediately discussed this with my husband who had got into Pranic healing. He suggested that we try Pranic Healing to complement the current medical treatment. I explained this to my friend and she agreed and gave her consent to start healing her daughter.

The Advanced Pranic Healing protocol for organ regeneration was applied three time a week. During this period the girl continued medication as advised by the doctors. There was also consistent improvements in her medical reports. Given that there was an improvements the doctors advised a wait-and-watch approach. After around 6 months of regular healing, Trisha’s dosage of steroids came down substantially and doctor mentioned that she is showing remarkable recovery and was is out of danger. She also was allowed to resume school. We continued her healing for another 2 months (over 100 healing sessions), by which time she got completely healed. She is now 8 years old with dietary control and is leading a normal life.

Rhea Jeswani

Financial Analyst, Mumbai (India)

Recovery From Traumatic Brain Injury

[This testimonial has been translated from Bengali]

My wife had involved in a serious auto-rickshaw accident. She had received a very severe blow on her head. We took her to the hospital, and the doctors advised immediate surgery to large blood clots from the brain. After a long three hour surgery she was brought to the ICU for monitoring and the doctor had advised nurses to restrain her hands (lest she try and pull off the dressings or hurt herself). On the day we had applied the Advanced Pranic Healing pre-surgery and post-surgery protocols. The anaesthesia wore out in about 30 minutes. We expected her to cry out in pain because of the surgery. But instead she constantly complained about pain in her arms (owing to the restraints). She later told me that she experienced next to no post-surgical pain. Within 1 month she had fully recovered from this ordeal and resumed work (at that point in time she was a gym instructor). The doctor was very surprised around the speed of recovery. He told me that he couldn’t reconcile how such speedy recovery had taken place.

Gautam Sarkar

Service, Kolkata (India)

Recovery After Life Threating Accident  

As Pranic Healer we feel a sense of joy whenever we are able to relieve pain and discomfort. The most difficult case that I have come across was for a patient who had suffered a really bad accident and had sustained multiple fractures. The lower limbs were smashed (including the knee, hip bone, heels, ankles, pelvic region and fibula bone). We were requested for Pranic Healing to support the recovery. There were several complications during the first few days that the patient spent in the hospital (low haemoglobin levels, high fever, severe pressure fluctuations etc.). As a team of healers we tried to do our very best by using the techniques taught in Advanced Pranic Healing in supporting the patient who was in a very critical condition. In the coming weeks this was followed by several (very expensive) surgeries that were for limbic reconstruction. The ankle was severely shattered and doctors were unable to reconstruct that using surgery and left it to heal itself naturally. There was concern from the family if the patient would ever be able to walk.

It has been about three months since we have been healing. Two days ago I received a WhatsApp video from the family member where-in the patient was being made to walk using a walker for support! How incredible is that!!!

Paramita Pramanik

Pranic Healer, Kolkata (India)

Dealing with Infertility 

I had been married for several years. During this period we were attempting to conceive without any results. We decided to seek medical help. Following a battery of tests on me and my wife it was diagnosed that I had low sperm count (2 million per millilitre – as opposed to the normal range of 40 million to 300 million per millilitre). This was considered very poor. After some initial treatment, we were presented with two options: (a) opt for artificial reproductive techniques using donor sperm; or; (b) adoption. We weren’t keen on either. We attempted to try Pranic Healing. After a few months I repeated the semen analysis. The counts had gone up to 20 million per millilitre. This was several years ago. Today I am a father with two children – the first of which was conceived using IVF technology. Very thankful for the gift of parenthood.

Name With-held Upon Request

Businessman, Kolkata (India)

Healing A Severed Artery  

In October 2017 I had a mishap with a glass window. I received a very sharp cut on my right arm and was bleeding profusely. I was immediately taken to the emergency room of the closest hospital for first-aid and treatment. However, the bleeding didn’t stop. The doctors had suggested surgery to stitch the artery and stop the bleeding. At this point my mother joined me at the hospital. Being a Pranic Healer she started applying healing on the affected part. Amazingly the bleeding stopped in about 30 minutes. I was kept in the hospital overnight for observation and discharged the next day. Surprisingly I had no pain and discomfort. In three days I was able to ride my motorbike without any problem.

Abhishek Sarkar

Pharma Sales Representative, Kolkata (India)

Reviving a Critical Patient   

I work in a IT software company. One of my co-workers didn’t up at office during a critical production release. Upon enquiring we were told that he was having convulsions, fever and vomiting and was hospitalized. He was diagnosed with Acute Fulminant Liver Failure (HAV related) and his condition deteriorated over the next couple of days. On the third day of hospitalization he went into a comatose state and was ventilator support. They were unable to medicate given his liver failure and had put him on saline drips till there was a change in condition. The prognosis was grim and the doctor had said that the expected survival rate was around 20%. At this point we decided to give Pranic Healing treatment a shot. The Advanced Pranic Healing protocol for Hepatitis was applied as recommended. Next morning the feedback received from the hospital was that he had recovered consciousness and appeared to be doing better. Over the next couple of days’ ventilator support was also withdrawn. He was finally released from hospital on 17 August 2017 (after close to 20 days under medical care). The doctor said that the recovery was nothing short of a miracle. My colleague recovered fully and was able to re-join work in early October 2017. So happy that I was able to be of help.

Dipali Bhatacharya

Software Engineer, Kolkata (India)

Treating Auto-immune Disease

My three year old son Rivas was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease called Childhood Nephrotic Syndrome in July 2015. Nephrotic syndrome happens when structures in the kidneys (called glomeruli) stop working properly and let too much protein enter the kidneys. There is no specific cure, though this disease is known to go away in children in their late teens or in early adulthood. He was put on steroid medication until December 2015. Then he was weaned off his medication and it stopped completely to check if his immune system was back on track. Unfortunately he got a relapse in January 2016 and had to be put back on steroids. We started Pranic Healing treatment in July 2017 which really helped. He was weaned off steroids completely two months later on September 2017 and has been fine since. It is amazing that Rivaan contracted dengue soon after he was weaned off meditation but has not suffered much side effects or relapse. He also suffered from severe constipation which has been cured now. His immune system seems to be better as well as he has less frequent colds and they also don’t last as long as they used to.

Ashrita keshav

Classical Dancer, Chennai (India)

Prosperity & Success

Fast Tracking Career Growth  

My first job was with a small designer firm with a very low package. The job was demanding, the hours were long, and environment of the company was also quite unfriendly. I had just taken the workshop on Kriyashakti and was practicing the techniques and recommendations regularly. Additionally I started doing Twin Hearts and The Great Invocation and started blessing my colleges and organization. The results were quite astounding. For one I observed the people at office started warming up to me. Also, my performance was being appreciated. Within the first month of my work I received a pay hike. That was just the starting. In 1.5 years I was made the Head Designer of the Company and my pay package had gone up by almost 5 times since when I joined.

Ruchi Jaipuria

Fashion Designer, Kolkata (India)

A 180° turn in financial situation

In January 2016, I attended the Basic Pranic Healing workshop. At that time, I was working as a graphic designer and lead an ordinary life, without any big dreams or plans about my life. I started practicing the Meditation on Twin Hearts regularly and used to apply Pranic Healing for anyone who had any pain or illness. I also used to bless my family and my career after the meditation. Within two months, I received an unexpected promotion and a raise, and that too with shorter working hours!

The raise helped me attend the other workshops which I’d wanted to attend before, but wasn’t able to due to financial constraints. I used the extra time by healing more people on a daily basis. Using the techniques of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga, money started flowing easily which was never the case in my life before. I had a lot of debt – which I was able to pay back.

Soon, I left my job and became a full-time professional Pranic Healer and a part-time freelance graphic designer. Within 18 months, my earnings ave increased by at least 60-70% and my financial situation is improving constantly and rapidly. This gives me a new sense of hope and faith which enables me to dream big about my career and life. Thanks to Pranic Healing, my life has turned 180° in every possible way!

Janus Das

Graphic Designer and Pranic Healer, Kolkata (India)

Restarting My Business From Scratch

Pranic Healing has truly been a blessing in my life. It has helped me sail through some of the most turbulent moments in my life and cocooned me, my workplace, and my life in an aura of positivity.

I run a manufacturing unit making bespoke bridal and couture fashion. Owing to some crisis I had to restart my business from scratch. There were difficulties along every step as I had to deal with trouble from labour and a lot of office politics. My production suffered due to the stress and being unable to find the right marketing platform, I couldn’t see my brand being recognized. That is when I started using the principles taught in Pranic Healing.

I started practicing the Meditation on the Twin Hearts regularly and bless my workplace. I observed that my thoughts became more focused. Soon everything started to fall in place. Regular healing for me and my business started to eliminate the negativity around me. My workplace suddenly became more efficient and productive, and with the right marketing platform, my brand gained recognition. Today, we are more productive and efficient in spite of a smaller team! Personally, I am more calm and am able to channelize my energies in a positive direction, which helps me have a better perspective of situations and life as a whole. The easy to apply teachings have also helped transform my personal and professional relationships in a positive way.

Rashi Kapoor

Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur, Kolkata (India)

Living a Dream  

When it comes to choosing a career path, most people find themselves at crossroads. Do we follow our passion, or go for a steady job which provides financial security? Or do we involve ourselves in some kind of social work which will benefit society? Most people go for the safer option of a stable job for ‘practical’ purposes. I was at similar crossroads when I was passing out from college. However, I went for my passion – pursuing a career as a Pranic Healing Instructor and Healer. Regular practice of Meditation on Twin Hearts and Arhatic Yoga had given me the clarity of mind to work out the practical and financial aspects of this decision, and the inner strength to deal with the uncertainty and the prevalent “log-kya-kahenge” (what will people say) mind-set. To add to it, the sense of fulfilment on being able to play a part in transforming people’s lives is unparalleled.

Today, after 6 years as a professional healer, my income is as much as any average person of my age working in a large private or corporate firm in Kolkata, and I still have plenty of time for myself, my family and friends. On top of that, I consider myself fortunate to pursue my passion, as no amount of work seems like ‘hard’ work, and is accompanied by a sense of joy. However, it’s not smooth sailing all the time. Like any other person, I have my own share of hardships and struggles. The difference now is that the perspective towards them is much more positive and there are plenty of techniques for handling any given situation. Whenever a family member has faced health issues or psychological distress, healing has helped them overcome it. When I faced financial crisis, I used the principles and techniques of Kriyashakti to reverse the situation.

There is no lock to which the key has not been given to us in advance. I just need to find out which one fits which! I’m truly blessed to be living a dream life!

Anahad Tibrewala

Pranic Healer and Instructor, Kolkata (India)

Mental & Emotional Problems

Dealing With Grief   

[This testimonial has been translated from Hindi]

In 2016 had a mishap in my family which I was finding very difficult to deal with. From being a happy and positive person I was reduced to someone who was depressed and crying all the time. After taking a couple of sessions of Pranic Psychotherapy I was able to handle the situation and take control of myself.

This is just another instance of how Pranic Healing had helped me. My life was transformed for the better by the teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui about a decade ago when I was suffering from acute kidney failure and was on regular dialysis. Being able to recover fully from that problem and then going on to take up Pranic Healing as a full-time profession to help hundreds of other people has been an amazing journey. So grateful. So thankful. So blessed.

Chameli Pramanick

Pranic Healer, Kolkata (India)

Depression and Anxiety 

My granddaughter had a physical disability. Owing to this she was often bullied and teased at school. While we always taught her to ignore these things, but over a point of time the constant insults had an effect on her own self-esteem. This finally surfaced in a way which was totally unexpected. We noticed that she used to blabber on her own, started experiencing loss of memory, used to imagine things, developed insomnia and displayed a lot of restlessness. She was unable to function at school. We were advised to seek psychological counselling for her… which produced limited results. We applied Pranic Psychotherapy for about a month (about 12-13 sessions) and observed major improvements. She has recovered fully now.

Bulbul Sarkar

Pranic Healer and Former Yoga Instructor, Kolkata (India)

Beauty & Weight Loss

Losing Inches Made Easy 

I attended the workshop on Pranic Weight Loss, Body Sculpting and Face Lift back in 2013. The workshop started out with participants tabulating their body weight and body measurements. Over the two day program we practiced through application of each of the protocols on a partner. During the end of the workshop we were asked to re-tabulate our body weight and body measurements. I was very surprised to see that I had lost over 3-inches over two days. Incredible considering that I achieved over a weekend what would have taken weeks of hard work in the gym to accomplish.

Pratima Saraf

Entrepreneur and Pranic Healer, Kolkata (India)

“Mommy, You Are Glowing.” 

My friend had attended a workshop on Pranic Weight Loss, Body Sculpting and Face Lift and shared her experience of how in two days of workshop participants had lost several inches and had radiant glowing faces. She showed me her before and after healing photographs. Out of curiosity I decided to get a Pranic Face Lift. After the session I felt light, peaceful and happy. When I reached home after the session my 7-year-old said: “Mommy, what have you done to your face? It is glowing. You are looking lovely. Please do it for me also.” I also received compliments from my friends. and this was just with one session.

Kiran Sodhani

Business, Kolkata (India)

The Best Wedding Gift – A Session On Pranic Face Lift 

My sister during her wedding day looked absolutely gorgeous. It was all thanks to a single session of Pranic Face Lift the day before. Her skin was glowing a lot after the deep healing. For the bride what better gift she could have got from him but to be one of the most beautiful brides ever. Thanks for the lovely gift to my sister on her wedding day.

Sanjana Shah

Entrepreneur, London (UK)

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