For Arhatic Yoga Practitioners Only

For Graduates of Arhatic Yoga (Prep)

The list of products on this page are available for Arhatic Yoga Practitioners only. Please be advised, that if you are not listed in our database as a graduate of Arhatic Yoga (Prep), then you will be asked to submit a copy of your certificate of completion of Arhatic Yoga Preparatory Level (or higher) as well as any other information needed to purchase any items listed on this page. 

Products listed on the site are currently available for purchase via the Foundation Office. We are working towards setting up an online storefront in the near future to enable you to order these items from the comfort of your home.

Meditation on the Higher Soul - Arhatic Yoga Version

The Meditation on the Blue Pearl, also known as Meditation on the Higher Soul, is a standard technique used by different masters of different esoteric schools in training spiritual disciples. It is a synthesis of ancient meditation techniques kept secret for centuries and revealed only to a few disciples. The meditation allows the practitioner to accelerate the union of the Incarnated Soul (the Lower Self) with the Higher Soul (Higher Self). This phenomenon is known as “Soul Realization”. Soul Realization is nothing more than the Incarnated Soul realizing that it is not the body and it is one with the Higher Soul. This is the meaning of yoga and illumination.

Only for Arhatic Yoga Practitioners. 

Rs. 275
Meditation on the Inner Breath II

Arhatic Yoga Kundalini Meditation, also known as Meditation on the Inner Breath, is a fundamental and major Arhatic Yoga meditation. The meditation focuses on circulating energy techniques that clean, energize and balance the chakras and the aura resulting in the purification of the energy bodies, safe awakening of the sacred fire of kundalini and development of inner awareness and expansion of consciousness. This 4.5 cycle version is interlaced with the chanting of the OM – The Divine Sound by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.

Only for Arhatic Yoga Practitioners.

Rs. 275
Arhatic Dhyan II

Arhatic Dhyan is an advanced Arhatic Yoga meditation that develops the practice of prolonged awareness. Prolonged awareness is necessary in order to register and respond to inner and higher stimuli. To be successful in one’s spiritual practice, there must be proper balance between prolonged one-pointedness (concentration) and prolonged awareness.

Only for Arhatic Yoga Practitioners.

Rs. 275
Inner Purification using the Blue Triangle

Personally Led by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, the Blue Triangle is your psychic garbage can. It is used to extract and disintegrate unwanted habits, vices and energies from within you. The longer an unwanted quality has been accumulating in your system, the more time it will take to remove it. These unwanted, undesirable energies may take the form of inner pain, repetitive or obsessive thoughts, compulsive or unwholesome habits or general weaknesses in your personality or in your nature. The process of extracting a particular unwanted quality should be repeated anywhere from 30-90 days. If the unwanted energy corresponds to a habit or thought-form that you have repeated inn 10 to 20 lifetimes, then maybe it is possible that the process of extraction will take much longer than 90 days because of the excessive accumulation of garbage.

Only for Arhatic Yoga Practitioners.

Rs. 220
Metronome CD
The Metronome CD has been recorded for Arhatic Yogis to support the balancing breathing exercises. The audio track to keep time has been recovered using several beats per minute to enable the practitioner to select the tempo which is suitable for their personal needs.
Rs. 175
Laminated Blue Triangle

This laminated Blue Triangle is your ]psychic garbage can! Use it to extract and disintegrate negative thoughts/emotions, ancient seeds, negative tendencies, etc. For everyday use. At the end of each use, spray it, dry it and put it away.

Only for Arhatic Yoga Practitioners.

Rs. 50

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