Achieving Oneness With The Higher Soul

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It has often been said that knowing yourself is the beginning of true wisdom. Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul is a workshop which was created with this purpose. 

Have you have ever thought about God, of life and existence? Have questions come to your mind like “Who am I”, “Where have I come from”, “What is the purpose of my life”, and “Where I will go after I die”? These are complex questions, and the answers to these have not been understood clearly my many. This workshop enables you to understand the answers to such profound questions by providing you with a better understanding of your true nature, your life and its unique purpose.

This powerful powerful workshop teaches a person how to experience oneness with his or her Higher Soul. A lot of people do not realize that a strong connection with the Higher Soul is one of the keys for having happiness, inner strenght and health in your daily life. 

 Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul

One may ask why spiritual practices are important? Some perspective might be had from reading this article on our online magazine titled Spirituality – Why Care?

This workshop provides the seeker with an introduction to the spiritual path. Spirituality is more than just meditations and chanting – it is a way of life, This workshop is highly recommended for everyone. Although we look different, we have different professions and ways of life, we are all beings of light who knowingly or unknowingly are trying to evolve and to realize our true nature. ‘Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul’ makes this possible!

In this workshop you would learn about many esoteric teachings kept secrets for centuries, including:

  • You true nature, that you are a soul with different bodies
  • Realize the divinity in other people
  • The true meaning of the word “Yoga” and concepts such as soul-realization, self-realization or enlightenment. 
  • Understand the nature of the incarnated soul, the higher soul and the divine spark within us.
  • Understand journey of your soul through timeless incarnations and learn powerful techniques around how to achieve soul-realization
  • How to experience peace, calmness, and clarity in the middle of a busy and chaotic work and home environment
  • How to release old emotional baggage. How to raise your consciousness. How to achieve stillness
  • The inner secrets of esoteric and mystical concepts such as the kundalini energy and the blue pearl.
  • The existence of energetic seeds in our auric fields and how they affect our Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical lives will be taught. These “energetic DNA recorders”.
  • Learn the secret behind symbols such as the medical caduceus, blue pearl and snake, why some deities are depicted with blue skin; as well as the esoteric meanings of parables such as the Sleeping Beauty.
  • Plus much more…

This workshop provides a strong foundation to spiritual development and also introduces us to two advanced meditation techniques – the Meditation on the Twin Hearts for Peace and Illumination and the Meditation on the Blue Pearl. And when these two meditations are combined, the spiritual practitioner will experience divine bliss, love and light and it will lead to a rapid spiritual evolution in a few years of regular practice rather than many life times.

The techniques covered in this workshop enable us to purify ourselves in order to become better human beings and help us raise our consciousness to achieve illumination. Both meditations are unique and easy to learn. Some of the common benefits from these practices are greater energy, clarity of mind, calm emotions, and a balanced development of our personality.

Spiritual is not just mystical. Understanding these profound truths offers several practical applications of the technique which would make everyday life easier and more fulfilling. After this workshop you should be able to:

  • Experience Peace, Calmness and Clarity even during the busy and chaotic work/home environments.
  • To invite your loved ones to meditate together and experience Spiritual Intimacy and stimulate their love for each other.
  • Learn how to release old emotional baggage and create positive changes in all kinds of relationships.
  • Using Words of Power (mantras) will be taught in order to achieve Inner Stillness in a fast way.
  • Experience “Coming Home and Being One with All”.
  • Experience a state of Peace and Expansion of Consciousness and Awareness short after the meditation begins.
  • Create a better relationship with your spouse, family, friends and co-workers.

Teachings provided in this workshop are non-sectarian and is not linked to any one religion, tradition or culture. As Master Choa always taught us – truth is universal.

Please note that Basic Pranic Healing is a prerequisite to all other courses (with the exception of Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul).

Over 16 years of age. An open mind.
16 hours (spread over a minimum of 2 days)
Workshop Fees

Rs. 4,500 (inclusive of GST).

Workshop fees include Books, CDs, and food & refreshments.

Review Fees

You can review any workshop that you have already attended. The review fees for this workshop is Rs. 1,500 (inclusive of GST). Review fees include food & refreshments.

Please note that if you are not listed in our database as a graduate of this workshop then you will be asked to submit a copy of your certificate of completion for this workshop to participate for the review.

The purpose of yoga is to realize that you, the incarnated soul, are one with your Higher Soul. The purpose of yoga is union with your Higher Soul and union with all souls. Master Choa Kok Sui

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