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The Importance of Group Meditation

Master Choa had always emphasised the importance of meditating in groups. According to Master Choa Kok Sui, when we meditate in a group, the amount of energy generated is much more than what each one of us can individually generate.

It is said that when 7 people meditate in a group, the energy that is generated is equal to 100 people meditating individually. 

Group Meditation can also be an important form of service. According to Master Choa Kok Sui, “just as Pranic Healing can ‘miraculously’ cure simple and severe ailments, the Meditation on Twin Hearts, when practiced by a large number of people, can miraculously heal the entire earth; thereby making the earth more harmonious and peaceful.” Blessing the Mother Earth is a form of World Service Since it can miraculously heal the entire earth by transmuting all lower emotions and energies to love, harmony, peace, abundance and prosperity. Likewise, while meditating in a group, the energies can be anchored in a particular region or nation during emergencies or crisis. Doing the Meditation on Twin Hearts is a group is not only noble, but also generates a lot of good karma accelerating our development.

This is one of the reasons why the Local Foundation hosts several group meditations even month; including group meditations during the Full Moon and New Moon.  

Group Meditation

Full Moon Meditations (Purnima)

The most important occasion for group meditation occurs during the period of the full moon (referred to as Purnima in India). During this period (2 days before, on the day of Full Moon and 2 days after) the planet earth receives a very high dose of energy from both the sun and the moon. For ordinary people this tends to be a time of crisis given that the emotions tend to get stirred up during this period. The magnifying effects of full moons have long been known and emphasized throughout history, evidences of which can be found in folklore literature as well as many spiritual textbooks. But for spiritual practitioners, this is a time for opportunity to harness these energies to improve different aspects of their lives. It is said that meditating during Full Moon day is equivalent to meditating every day for the entire month.

Full moon has always been a sacred time for spiritual practices in many ancient religions and cultures. Ancient esoteric traditions also teach us that each full moon meditation vitalizes the key qualities of each of the twelve constellations. These energies are greatly magnified by focused group energy and provide an opportunity to “seed” these energies into our being. The twelve festivals of the full moon correspond to the twelve chakras, and participating in group meditation during the period of the full moon contributes towards the development of these individual energy centres. 

During the full moon meditation, especially if the meditation is being done in a group, more divine energies will flow to the practitioners and thereby making it easier to have experiences that might be difficult to have when meditating alone on other times of the year. Moreover, the Full Moon additionally provides an opportunity to manifest a wish or materialize a plan. A wish or plan is in fact a thought form created by us, and in order to manifest a wish or materialize a plan, we need to stuff it with enough energy to increase its potency and life span. As Master Choa Kok Sui taught, “Materialization requires energy”. After the Full Moon meditation, if the written wish or plan gets energized or blessed by the entire group, it will result in it’s faster manifestation. 

These are the few reasons that the Local Foundation has been organizing regular group meditations on the full moon since our inception in 2004. The tremendous amount of energy generated during this period can by practicing the Meditation on the Twin Hearts be utilized to bless our projects, our loved ones, friends and family, and those who need healing for their ailments. In fact, stories of miraculous healing of loved ones, relationships and businesses are not uncommon during this time. This in itself is a strong incentive to participate in a group meditation at least once a month.

New Moon Meditations

The Local Foundation has also been organizing group meditation on The Lord’s Prayer during the New Moon since 2008.

Why do we do this? No reason other than the fact that we need an excuse to make sure that Pranic Healers meet at least more than once a month to meditate in a group.

We use the New Moon meditation an opportunity for a deeper study of the teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui as well as deep cleansing and purification of our auras and chakras. Over the years we have covered numerous topics for deeper study including book study on selected topics from various books of MCKS, including “The Spiritual Essence of Man”, “Inner Teachings of Hinduism Revealed”, the “Golden Lotus Sutras on Compassionate Objectivity” and several others.

Currently we are focusing on the deeper study of the Seven Rays discussed in the “Golden Lotus Sutras on Achieve the Impossible” and how the teachings can be applicable to different facets of our lives. 

Join Us  

We believe that the effects of group meditations are both pervasive and long lasting.  It is therefore recommended that we utilize any opportunity to join a meditation group that we know of or form a meditation group in our own locality if we do not have access to an existing one.

We at the local foundation cordially invite all Pranic Healers to join us for the monthly group meditations so that we may transform our lives and those around us and create a healthier, happier and more peaceful world to live in. You may access our weekly meditation schedule here.

Please check our website regularly for the monthly schedule for group meditations. You may also sign up to receive SMS updates from the local foundation about scheduled group meditations.   

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