Practical Psychic Self Defence for Home and Office

Healing and Protection Series


We are swimming in a world of thought forms and emotional energies, not all of which are beneficial for us. In fact, we are constantly bombarded by negative and injurious energies. Ever noticed that we sometimes end-up up buying things that we do not need from aggressive salesmen? Have you come across cases when you end up feeling weak and drained after coming in touch with individuals who are pessimistic and negative? If you are not properly protected from these contaminants, you can be affected spiritually, mentally, emotional, physically and financially. Pranic Psychic Self-Defence teaches you scientific ways of utilizing Pranic energies to properly protect yourself, your belongings, surroundings and loved ones from negative and destructive energy patterns.

The course offers simple, effective and practical remedies to psychic problems encountered by most people. It teaches several ways to shield one’s self from projected negative thoughts and psychic contamination by strengthening the human Aura; removing negative energies and vibrations from psychically dirty places; and other never before known techniques. 

Psychic Self Defence

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Different subtle bodies and auras
  • What are thought forms
  • Understand the difference between a Thought Entity and Psychic Radiatory field
  • What is Psychic Contamination and Psychic Pollution
  • Types and sources of Psychic Attacks. 
  • Understanding how psychic attacks are launched and how we can protect ourselves from them
  • Closing the aura to prevent intrusions. Techniques for strengthening the Aura.
  • Several shielding techniques. Energy shields can be used to protect oneself from harm, emotional and mental contamination, and other negative energies.
  • Utilizing holy objects for protection, empowerment and good luck
  • Practicing advanced Psychic Self Defence techniques, specifically for healers
  • Shielding personal belongings, including the financial assets.
  • Safeguarding our children’s precious and innocent consciousness from preying entities of drugs and negative programming from peers
  • Techniques to purify your home and office from negative energies  
  • Law of Karma, severe karmic repercussions, and how to neutralize negative karma
  • And much more…

Pranic Psychic Self Defence is a must learn workshop for everyone, especially healers, managers, executives, students, tutors and parents as it introduces effective ways of protecting oneself from negative thoughts and emotions of others. It is also highly recommended for those who are determined in pursuing their dreams and achieve greater success.

One day workshop (8 hours)
Workshop Fees
Rs. 4,500 (inclusive of GST). Workshop fees include book and food & refreshments.
Review Fees
You can review any workshop that you have already attended. The review fees for this workshop is Rs. 1,500 (inclusive of GST). Review fees include food & refreshments. Please note that if you are not listed in our database as a graduate of this workshop then you will be asked to submit a copy of your certificate of completion for this workshop to participate for the review.
The human aura is a major factor involved in the natural psychic self-defense system of each person. Master Choa Kok Sui

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