We are living beings with living energy fields. Just as the quality of water is important to the life of the fish in an aquarium, the energetic environment around us is critical to one’s well-being. Just as we have an energy field, the spaces we live and work in also radiate different kinds of energies, which tend to get affected by one’s thoughts and emotions. Energy hygiene or psychic hygiene is as important as physical hygiene, since it affects our physical as well as psychological health. Hence it is important to purify your space to maintain overall well-being.

According to MCKS in his book Psychic Self Defence for Home and Office, “you can also be contaminated by dirty or unwholesome mental, emotional and psychic radiatory fields. This is called psychic contamination. In some offices, there is tremendous stress. The office space is impregnated with stress energy.”

Purify Your Space

A moment of stress, an instance of discord or disharmony or a traumatic event may also leave behind similar impressions on the surrounding spaces. This is one of the reasons why some places tend to make one feel uncomfortable, weak and even sick. Certain places are intrinsically dirtier than others. If we spend time in these surroundings, then we are likely to be exposed to greater-than-average energetic contamination. Hence it is very important to practice energetic hygiene diligently and regularly. Below are easy to perform techniques used in Pranic Healing to quickly purify your home and work environments.

Practical Techniques to Purify Your Space

With the techniques given by MCKS, it is easy to cleanse a room or any enclosed area of contamination:

  • Using Sun and Air Prana: The easiest way to clean a house or room energetically is to open the windows and curtains and let sunlight and air in. This allows cleansing solar and air Prana to flood a room or house. In general a few hours a day is sufficient to clear moderate residual contamination.
  • Using Salt: One can mop the floor of the house with salt and water on a daily basis. This cleanses the floor of a lot of dirty, diseased and used-up energies.
  • Incense: To purify a certain place, use sandalwood or lavender incense. Based on experiments by MCKS different types of incense produce different types of energies. Different energies can be used for purposes. Sandalwood incense produces particles of green light, while lavender products particles of bluish-violet light. These have a cleansing effect (students with a background in Advanced Pranic Healing would be familiar with the properties of these specific colours). To make this technique more effective, one can simply say; “To the beings of light, thank you for purifying this place of all dirty psychic energies, negative thoughts and emotions. Thank you for doing a fantastic job.”
  • Diffuser: Lighting a diffuser with 4-5 drops of essential oil is also effective in purifying a place. You can use lavender (bluish-violet prana), or eucalyptus (which contains orange prana), or tea tree (green prana with some pink).
  • Use of Mantra: One may also play the mantra OM while the incense or diffuser is lit. The mantra OM may be played for about one or two hours while the incense is burning. This reinforces the cleansing effect making the technique more powerful. The mantro OM is also good at dissipating stress energy. Make sure to open the doors and windows to allow fresh air and energy to come in and old dirty energy to go out. Specific properties of various mantras in the voice of MCKS are detailed within the product descriptions of the CD’s on our Pranic Healing Shop.
  • Spiritual Practices: Spiritual practices that pull down Divine energy are also effective and powerful in energetically cleansing a place. These practices include the Meditation on Twin Hearts and The Great Invocation.

These are just a few basic suggestions. A large number of other techniques are also available to purify a place. These approaches are covered in more detail in the must-do MCKS workshop titled Practical Psychic Self Defence for Home and Office.


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Purify Your Space: Simple Energy Hygiene Guidelines
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Purify Your Space: Simple Energy Hygiene Guidelines
As living beings we also have living energy fields which gets affected by our energetic environment. Read more about simple energy hygiene techniques which can be used on a daily basis to purify your space and maintain overall well being.
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