Is there a connection between Vegetarianism and Spirituality? If you particularly look at Eastern traditions (such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism) there appears to be, for the most part, consensus on the fact that it is preferable to be a vegetarian. But what is the connection between one’s diet and spiritual development? Is this a guideline based on any fact or is this just plain superstition?

This article looks to examine and explain the connection in a little more detail.

Vegetarianism and Spirituality

Nutrition and Prana

Pranic Healing is based on the concept of energy or Prana. There are three primary sources of prana, namely the sun, the air, the ground. In addition to the primary sources, there are also secondary sources of Prana. These include food, water, plants, and supplements amongst others. As living beings, we need a constant supply of fresh Prana to maintain good health. One of the ways in which we draw in Prana is via the food and water we consume.  

Science has studied nutrition from the chemical viewpoint (proteins, carbohydrates, sugars, minerals, fats, amino acids, and vitamins). However, as of now, science is not aware of the existence of Prana; and hence nutrition hasn’t been extensively studied from a standpoint of Prana or energy contained in foods and how it affects the human body. 

According to Master Choa Kok Sui, there is a connection between nutrition and Prana. MCKS specifically notes that: “Preserved food contains more or less the same amount of proteins, carbohydrates, and other chemicals compared to fresh food but fresh food is definitely more nutritious than preserved food because it contains more Prana than preserved ones. The same principle also applies to synthetic and natural vitamins. Natural vitamins are more effective or potent than synthetic vitamins because the natural ones contain more Prana.” 

Hence nutrition can also be looked at using an energetic lens comprising of the quantity of Prana (and types of colour prana contained in foods) and its effects on the human body. This also applies to non-vegetarian food such as meat, poultry and fish.

Prana and Non-Vegetarian Food

Pranic Healing was developed with the help of highly trained clairvoyants. One of the things which was observed what that meat is full of “dirty” energy (clairvoyant this energy appears to be grayish-red in colour).

Why is it that so? Specifically, spoilage of meat tends to occur in a matter of hours owing to the presence of bacteria and fungi, which are borne by the animal itself. In contrast gains, fruits and vegetables remain fresher for longer. Hence, intrinsically, the energy of any non-vegetarian food is grosser and coarser as compared to vegetarian food given that decomposition of meat sets in almost immediately after the animal is killed.

From a Pranic Healing standpoint one must be mindful of the fact that it is dirty energy that causes blockages in the body. Dirty energy can slow down the flow of energy, and may even cause pain in the body. If you eat meat, you are ingesting dirty energies into your system. This is one obvious reason why removing meat from one’s diet quickly and easily causes an improvement in the flow of Prana through the body.

Energetically pork, eel, and catfish are the dirtiest and MCKS recommended that at least these three be fully eliminated from our diets.

Vegetarianism and Spirituality

If you continue to consume non-vegetarian food while practicing advanced meditation techniques, there may be a couple of “side-effects” that the mediator may encounter.

Firstly, part of the energy generated by advanced meditation techniques would be used by the body by way of cleaning and eliminating the dirty energy from the system. This is a sense is wasteful given that the body consumes a lot more Prana in digesting non-vegetarian food.

Secondly, as you regularly meditate the energy bodies start becoming more and more refined and subtle. After a point non-vegetarian food starts disagreeing with the body and the body starts experiencing what is called a “radical reaction” in Pranic Healing. This may manifest as stomach pains, overheating, rashes, and general discomfort. All of these are uncomfortable, and hence non-vegetarian food may need to be eventually eliminated fully from the diet for those who are keen on undertaking advanced meditation practices. Also, the body may start aging faster if you continue to eat non-vegetarian food while practicing advanced meditation techniques.

This is also the reason why Arhatic Yoga practitioners are advised eventually to turn vegetarian with a view to maximize the effect of their meditations as well as staying healthy. In this sense Vegetarianism is more compatible with Spirituality.

There is another link between Vegetarianism and Spirituality – which is to do with the virtue of Ahimsa.

Vegetarianism and Ahimsa

The Sanskrit word ahimsa, meaning “to do no harm,” is emphasized in several eastern religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. Ahimsa also means to show kindness kindness and non-violence towards all living things, including animals. All said and done, killing is a violent act and you are cutting off a being’s life (and its opportunity to evolve further). In this sense Vegetarianism and Spirituality are considered to be more compatible.

Another reason for choosing a predominantly vegetarian diet is to do with the concept of Ahimsa and the Law of Karma. According to MCKS in his book The Ancient Art and Science of Pranic Healing: “Aside from the health benefits derived from a vegetarian diet, being a vegetarian is also an act of showing mercy toward the animal kingdom. Based on the law of karma, a person who shows mercy will also receive mercy.”

Specially, MCKS advised patients with terminal illnesses to become vegetarian owing to the link between Karma and disease. Also, you may note that MCKS himself was a vegetarian.

Making a Lifestyle Choice

To become vegetarian is to make a conscious lifestyle choice. There are many ways to start. One of the ways is through gradually removing one type of meat from your diet (you could maybe can start with red meat, then poultry, and then fish). Also look to add more and more vegetarian dishes into your meals (which is much easier to do if you live in a country like India because of the sheer variety of vegetarian cuisine which is available).

MCKS also observed, through clairvoyant investigation, that vegetarians usually have a more refined bio-plasmic body and a brighter and denser inner aura. Therefore, it is advantageous to become a vegetarian, but it is not a hard necessity.

Should we go fully Vegan? Food from the animal kingdom (such as milk and eggs) have energy which is grosser than what is contained in grains, fruits and vegetables. However, milk and eggs are significantly cleaner energetically than any form of meat. Milk and eggs therefore may be consumed (provided they agree with your body).

As MCKS advised, it is important to avoid fanatical attitudes towards anything. There is no one diet for everyone. Each one of us has to find out what is right for us. We have provided the reasons for choosing a predominantly vegetarian life-style… and the choice now is yours.

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Vegetarianism and Spirituality: Is there a connection?
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Vegetarianism and Spirituality: Is there a connection?
The topic of being vegetarian comes up often in relation to spirituality. So what is the connection between your diet and spiritual development? Read more to understand this topic.
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