You can find a lot of self-help books which provide guidance around how you can be successful at every aspect of your life. If you examine these books carefully, you would find that there are several rules for success which are common (such as dream big, work hard, think positively etc.). But looking at it from another perspective, is it possible to codify and set in stone factors that can make one successful? In reality there is such a set of rules. These were represented using the highly esoteric and mysterious symbol of the Sphinx.

So what really are these rules?

Rules for Success

The Sphinx

Even today the Sphinx remains one of the most mysterious symbols of antiquity. The Sphinx is a mythical creature with the head of a human, the body of a bull, the paws of a lion, and the wings of an eagle. The Sphinx is found in multiple cultures including the Egyptian, Persian, Greek, Assyrian, Zorastrian, and is even found in the Bible (book of Ezekiel 1: 4-12, 24-25, 27-28). Unknown to most, this mythical creature is a symbol which represents the rules for success. The teachings can be interpreted in both spiritual and practical terms. In this article we examine the teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui on the Sphinx from a practical standpoint.

According to MCKS, the Sphinx represents four concepts. To Know. To Will. To Dare. To be Silent. These four concepts, when studied and applied in our lives, forms the template for being successful

To Know

We have a head. We think with our head. This is the reason why the Sphinx uses the symbol of the head of a person To Think or To Know. So what does this mean in practical terms? What is it that we need to know to be successful.

One needs to have a purpose. You need to have an aim or a goal. One cannot drift through life like a rudderless yacht and hope to be successful. You need to have a target.

You need to have a plan as to how you will achieve your target. You need to work out the details as to what I need to do to achieve the goals. You have to think through the macro items and micro items. You need to think through the possible paths, the suitable options, and the risks. You need to validate the plan. You need to do research. You need to get advise (from someone who is more experienced). You need to do decision analysis. You need to do task analysis. You need to calculate. You need to put everything down on paper.

The head of the man represents the ability to think. You need to think. You cannot be mentally lazy. You cannot be successful without using your head. The path to success starts off with careful thinking.

To Will

Thinking alone is not enough. You need to Will. The body of the bull represents the will. A bull can continuously work and work. The bull does not complain. It just ploughs the field from morning to night. The bull is a manifestation of persistence and and industriousness.

To be successful you need to be persistent and industrious. All effort has to be directed towards the aim. You cannot afford to be distracted. You cannot take a break. Complete focus is needed. You need to be like a heat-seeking missile and not stop till the target is reached. The bull symbolizes strong will. Without a strong will one cannot be successful. One needs physical, emotional, mental and spiritual effort. You cannot complain. You cannot get frustrated. You cannot stress out. You need to constantly keep pushing forward. You need to be disciplined. You cannot give up.

Without a strong Will one cannot be successful. You need to be like the bull to implement your plans and move towards the goal.

To Dare

The Lion represents To Dare. The lion is a symbol of courage. One needs courage to be successful. Things can go wrong. There would be obstacles. There will be competition. You cannot lose courage. You have to push forward. You cannot break down under pressure. You need to think ahead. You need to figure out a way to move forward despite the obstacles.

If something does work, then don’t panic. Study the information. Look into the facts. Verify the data. Fine tune what didn’t work, reformulate the plans, and course correct. One needs to take action.

You need to be like the lion to be successful. You cannot give up. You have to fight till the goal is reached.

To Be Silent

The eagle represents To Be Silent. The eagle soars high above the earth. it is swift and skillful in action. It can spot a fish in a stream from great distances. It is quick and precise.

To Be Silent also represents the fact that plans be kept silent. If you make plans public, then other people may try and counter the plan. Important matters need to be kept secret. Don’t post it on Facebook and Twitter. You must know when is a proper time to communicate.

To Be Silent also means that you need to be internally still. You need to look at facts objectively. You need to take feedback. You need to validate if information presented is accurate or not. You need to practice discernment. You need to remain calm and collected. You cannot freak out and be in a state of emotional chaos. If you are emotionally chaotic then mistakes would happen.

You need to be like the eagle.

Be like the Sphinx

Anyone who can embody the teachings represented by the symbol of the Sphinx is destined to be successful. It is precisely these teachings that were used by MCKS in spreading the teachings of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga across the world. Within 25 short years, Pranic Healing had spread across over 60 countries. You can read about his fascinating story in this biography.

The Sphinx in fact forms a practical template which can be applied to any facet of your life to ensure success – be if material or spiritual pursuits. The Sphinx indeed represents the rules for success.

We hope you have found this article interesting. We will you all the best for great success in all the endevours in your life.

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Rules For Success: Perspectives from the Sphinx
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Rules For Success: Perspectives from the Sphinx
To Know, To Will, To Dare, To Be Silent. encapsulate the wisdom of the mysterious symbol of the Sphinx. Unknown to many these form the rules for success...
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