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The Pranic Healing Certification Program was established in response to the need to provide a matrix for both formal coursework and the continued practical hands-on experience in Pranic Healing for serious healers who would like to enhance their healing skills and become a member of an internationally recognized and accepted group of certified Pranic Healers.

The Pranic Healing Healer’s Certification Program certification program combines a high standard of professional, disciplined training within a flexible structure and schedule. The development of individual healing abilities is an essential part of the program.

Additionally, this program provides opportunities for professional development.

Pranic Healing Certification
Through the guidance of Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui, the foremost expert in Pranic Healing, and the professional abilities and healing accomplishments of assigned Pranic Healing coordinators, mentors and instructors, the Institute for Inner Studies ultimately provides the program in all its aspects of Pranic Healing.

The certification program features pranic healing workshops, discussion groups and lectures that focus on principles, concepts, practice and specialized Pranic Healing techniques. There are supplementary formal sessions that will discuss other healing applications and experiential approaches in Pranic Healing. The program incorporate continuous learning where healing skills learned in the workshops can be applied immediately. A Certification of Proficiency will be issued by The Institute for Inner Studies after successful completion of the program.

The major approach of the Pranic Healing Healer’s Certification Program is to align the certification process with that of other professional regulating programs. The intention is to take the Certification Program to reach a large group of dedicated healers within the society so that it will eventually accelerate the active growth and acceptance of Pranic Healing.

This program is for serious, dedicated people who would like to take their healing skills to the next level. The Certification process includes formal in-depth training in Pranic Healing Courses, accompanied with online instruction, a comprehensive written examination and submission of documented healing cases.

Certification Levels

There are currently five levels of certification in the Pranic Healing system:

  • Associate Certified Pranic Healers (ACPH) are those practitioners who have completed at least the basic requirements of coursework, apprenticeship and examination.
  • Certified Pranic Healers consist of practitioners who underwent additional coursework and apprenticeship (two more years).
  • Senior Certified Pranic Healers are those who have continued to add to their formal training and have been working as Certified Pranic Healers for at least 5-7 years.
  • Assistant Master Pranic Healers
  • Master Pranic Healers

For additional information on the Pranic Healing Certification Program, please contact your local foundation.



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