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Is Theosophy A New Age Teaching?

A number of our articles tend to have references to Theosophical and esoteric teachings of writers such as HP Blavatsky, Annie Besant, CW Leadbeater, and Alice A Bailey. You may have noticed this in some of our past articles which have discussed concepts such as...

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Can Pranic Healing Be Dangerous?

"Can Pranic Healing be dangerous" is a question which is sometimes asked. If you search the web you can find perspectives which say that Pranic Healing is misguided and can cause more damage than good. Unfortunately most of these perspectives are based on a limited...

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Busting Myths About Spirituality

These days almost everybody seems to have an opinion on spirituality. However, many of these opinions are simply theoretical and not rooted in reality or based on any sort of personal experience. Hence, misconceptions are bound to arise. Some of the common myths about...

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What Happens After We Die: The Theosophical View

The question of “What Happens After We Die?” is one which has come to the mind of many people... especially as their own life begins to draw to an end or when a family member or loved one dies. In spite of being the only true certainty, the process of dying and the...

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Overcoming Crisis and Difficult Times

According to German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.” There is almost no one who hasn't dealt with a life crisis such as a reversal of fortune, a personal tragedy, a broken relationship, a disastrous material loss, or...

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