The Lord’s Prayer

Spirituality Series


The Lords Prayer is one of the most popular prayers of the World. It rightfully offers back to God what is an integral part of Him. Learn the secrets and power of the Lords Prayer Now. The meditations on the Lord’s Prayer are techniques for spiritual development using two versions of meditation “the Universal and the Kabbalistic” by meditating on the meaning of each phrase… We can experience the Spirit behind the Form. The Lord’s Prayer is in fact an ancient spiritual practice. Unknown to the masses, the prayer actually contain the blueprint for rapid spiritual development. A must do workshop for anyone interested in spiritual development. The Lord’s Prayer is actually an ancient technique of Kundalini Yoga. Master Choa Kok Sui presents to us the Lord’s Prayer beyond its traditional perspective, and as a system for spiritual development. Synthesizing the Biblical Lord’s Prayer, the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and the yogic system of chakras, Master Choa Kok Sui gives us an eclectic approach to our spirituality. This course draws us many steps closer to the divinity that lies dormant within each of us, and still further to the blissful transformative experience of aligning with the Will and Glory of Our Heavenly Father.

Lords Prayer

In this workshop you will learn:

  • The ancient secret relationship of the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life and the Lord’s Prayer
  • The correspondence of the 11 Major Chakras with 11 Sephiroth of the Tree of Life
  • This workshop powerful meditation that also reveals the ancient esoteric roots of the popular Lord’s Prayer. This powerful meditation cleanses and activates the inner potentials of each individual chakra through the vibrations produced by the sacred verses of this prayer. This is a no-nsectarian universal spiritual meditation. The essence of this powerful meditation is based on the correlation of The Lord’s Prayer with the 11 Major Chakras and the Kabbalistic 11 sephira. This meditation allows one to access gateways into inner horizons and bring down Divine Energies necessary for character building, development of the chakras and transmutation of one’s lower nature to prepare for Oneness with one’s Higher Self.

  • Experience the “Lord’s Prayer” in the form of a powerful meditation to bring down tremendous amounts of Divine Energies to purify, activate and gradually “wake up” the chakras.

  • With regular practice, all the 11 Major Chakras will be purified, activated and synchronized, resulting in balanced spiritual, mental, emotional, etheric and even physical development!

To experience these qualities, one must understand Lord’s Prayer, from “Within” Lord ‘s Prayer is an offering of our whole being to the divine.

8 hours.
Workshop Fees
Rs. 4,500 (inclusive of GST). Workshop fees includes book, CD, and food & refreshments.
Review Fees
You can review any workshop that you have already attended. The review fees for this workshop is Rs. 2,000 (inclusive of GST). Review fees include food & refreshments. Please note that if you are not listed in our database as a graduate of this workshop then you will be asked to submit a copy of your certificate of completion for this workshop to participate for the review.
Each line of the Lord’s Prayer is actually like a password phrase to trigger or turn on or highly awaken each of the power centers. It’s just like a key to each one. Master Choa Kok Sui

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