Many of us have grown up reading comic books which feature superheroes attributed with superhuman, supernatural, or paranormal abilities. These are often referred to as “superpowers”. It is on account of these extraordinary powers that some characters can punch through walls, fly, levitate and other things.

Can you imagine what would it be like if an actual human had such powers?

Master Choa Kok Sui was once asked by a student about the source of authentic power. MCKS said that while such superhuman physical power is impressive and amazing, it is not really that powerful given that the effect is temporary and does not last. Real Power is that which lasts and has an evolutionary and spiritualizing effect.

Authentic Power

The source of Authentic Power

According to MCKS, if you want real power you need to go within and practice character building. If you character is very strong then you can progress and grow rapidly, and ever overcome any crisis what comes your way in your life very quickly.

So what exactly is Character Building? MCKS explained that it corresponds to daily practice of the five virtues taught in Pranic Healing. The virtues are:

  1. Loving Kindness & Non-Injury
  2. Generosity & Non-Stealing
  3. Accurate Perception & Correct Expression
  4. Constancy of Aim and effort & Non-Laziness
  5. Moderation & Non-Excessiveness

Notice that these virtues come in pairs – things to do (stuff which is right) and things to avoid (stuff which is wrong). What this means, for example, is that not only do we need be warm, kind, supportive, courteous and loving towards others, we should also abstain from hurting anyone physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. Together this forms the virtue of Loving Kindness & Non-Injury. Hence both aspects of every virtue is important and needs to be thus balanced.

Since childhood we are taught by our parents to act according to what is “right” and what is “wrong”. Being good, kind, moral, strong and righteous are defined as the “right” things to do.  A virtue is usually defined as behaviour traits in any person that indicate high moral standards to what is right. 

The virtues are also defined in many spiritual traditions. According to MCKS, “The cardinal virtues are justice, prudence, temperance and courage. These found mention in the writings of Classical Antiquity and are often referred to as the theological virtues of the Christian tradition.” In the Hindu tradition the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali define the concepts of Yama and Niyama. These two concepts form the first two limbs of the eightfold path of classical yoga (or ashtanga yoga) and form the basics of character-building. Yamas are ethical restraints (things not to do) while Niyamas are lifestyle observances (things which we should do). According to Patanjali’s writings, character-building is the first step to spiritual development. Interestingly MCKS Arhatic Yoga is also based on Patanjali’s ashtanga yoga.

So the good question is why?

Spiritual Connection

MCKS explained it as follows: “The more you develop your virtues, the stronger your connection to God will become.” The word to be emphasised here is connection.

A connection is a link between two things. Based on teachings of Pranic Healing there is an energetic link between us and our Divine Self. MCKS technically called this the spiritual cord. This is also known as the anthakharana or the sutratman (literally the thread of Spirit) in the Hindu Tradition. MCKS explained that the spiritual cord is the spiritual “antenna” which connects the Higher Soul to the Incarnated soul (The concept of the Higher Soul and Incarnated Soul has been discussed in detail in a previous article titled What is Yoga). The spiritual cord is depicted above in the featured image used in this article.

According to MCKS, the connection between the Higher Soul and Incarnated Soul is strong, then the spiritual cord of the aspirant is wide (like a thick pipe). If the connection between the Higher Soul and Incarnated Soul is weak, then the spiritual cord is thin (like a spider’s web). The stronger the connection between the Higher Soul and incarnated soul, the faster will be the progress of the student. While the Higher Soul is not perfect it is pure. The Higher Soul additional is significantly more developed than the Incarnated Soul and hence is able to guide the Incarnated Soul as it goes through its journey in life. Specifically, according to MCKS, “Light, love, power, and clarity come from a strong spiritual connection.” Therefore, the stronger the connection between the Higher Soul and Incarnated Soul, the smoother would life be. Based on the teachings of MCKS: “When the virtues are highly developed, this means that the Higher Soul has greater connection or control over the Incarnated Soul and the body… Everytime you refrain from unwholesome action, the connection with your higher soul increases. But everytime you break the virtues, the connection becomes thinner.”

In his teachings MCKS has stresses on the fact that the soul is a being of Divine Intelligence, Divine Love and Divine Power. It is in the five virtues specified by Master Choa Kok Sui that these qualities manifest. While Divine Intelligence finds expression through the virtues of Accurate Perception & Correct Expression; Divine Love manifests as the virtues of Loving-kindness & Non-Injury and Generosity & Non-stealing; and finally; the virtues of Moderation & Non-excessiveness and Constancy of Aim and Effort & Non-laziness are manifestations of Divine Power. Therefore, the virtues thus help us to work in perfect unison with our Higher Soul, our true inner nature.

However, the virtues need to be balanced to a certain degree within us. You cannot only master Loving Kindness & Non-injury and not develop any of the other virtues. If you do that then you are likely going to be taken advantage of or would be treated as a doormat. Likely you cannot only hope to master Constancy of Aim and effort & Non-Laziness and not develop virtues of Loving Kindness and Non-Injury and Accurate Perception & Correct Expression. Such a person would a tyrant and a fanatic. Hence balance is essential.  

Power through Inner Purification

MCKS taught that “Life is like an echo. What you send out comes back to you many, many times!” This follows from the teachings of the Law of Karma.

Therefore, the mastery of the virtues are also linked to the quality of life that you will have. For example, if you don’t want others to deceive you then you need to master Honesty. If you don’t want to be a victim of theft then you then you need to master Non-Stealing. If you want the ability to “move mountains” then master Constancy of Aim & Effort and Non-Laziness. If you want to be treated nicely by others then master Loving Kindness. If don’t want to be harmed, then you need to master Non-injury.

Additionally, mastery over the virtues give you inner power. Have you, for instance, heard of stories where a holy person had granted a wish to a student by saying “so be it”? The only way in that can happen is if the holy person were to have mastered the virtue of Loving Kindness & Non-Injury. When a person has sufficiently mastered Loving Kindness (to the point where he or she is completely incapable of harming anyone physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually), then whatever he or she says will have a tendency to materialize! Likewise, a person who has mastered sufficiently the virtue of Non-injury cannot be harmed… even if the person were walk into a nuclear explosion. As MCKS explained in his workshop Practical Psychic Self Defence, mastery of Loving Kindness & Non-Injury is the ultimate protection from harm or danger. The trouble however is that it is not so easy to master the virtues. It needs focussed effort and continual awareness. 

Finally, for power of any sort to be authentic it has to be permanent. The virtues are a sign of your spiritual development and spiritual maturity. Once we leave this body, the only thing that we would be able to take with us of any value is our spiritual development. This was discussed in an earlier article through the story of the Queen and her four Lovers. Your spiritual growth and development is what is permanent and will last for eternity given that the soul is immortal (if you wish you may review a previous article on Reincarnation: A Right Understanding for more clarity).

Building a Strong Character

In the MCKS Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga system there is a lot of emphasis on character building. MCKS explained that spiritual practices and meditations not only harnesses large amounts of spiritual energy, but also serves as a fertilizer, enhancing the growth of all the characteristics of the person. Virtues and vices are thus both magnified when on the spiritual path. Hence the student needs to be “ruthless” at eliminating character defects and weaknesses. MCKS has written extensively about the virtues and character building, and you would be able to learn of these through his books, including:

You are highly encouraged to study the many books of MCKS to get a deeper understanding of what each of these virtues mean and guidelines for how to practice development of these virtues.

The virtues are also discussed in detail in a large number of MCKS Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga workshops – starting with the introductory workshops Basic Pranic Healing and Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul.  Higher techniques to help develop the five virtues are taught in Arhatic Yoga Prepratory Level.


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Authentic Power: Mastering the Five Virtues
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Authentic Power: Mastering the Five Virtues
Authentic Power is that which is permanent and has an evolutionary and spiritualizing effects. Authentic Power comes from character building and the practice of the five virtues taught by MCKS. If you character is very strong then you can grow quickly and also overcome any crisis that comes your way.
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