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What is Arhatic Yoga?

Arhatic Yoga is the Yoga of Synthesis or the Yoga of the 21st Century. Arhatic Yoga is one of the greatest courses introduced by Master Choa Kok Sui in this life and one of the greatest gifts given to humanity yet. Arhatic Yoga is a highly advanced spiritual technology that accelerates the evolution of the soul.

Arhatic Yoga has been designed to enable people of various formal religious beliefs or philosophies, to have access to inner teachings that make it easier for them to pursue spiritual development while at the same time maintaining a ’normal’ life. This means that in Arhatic Yoga, the individual who wishes to tread on the spiritual path need not retreat from the world, their career or their current relationships. In fact, these pursuits are used to help the individual to further develop, through the daily challenges and interactions, as well as difficulties that may occur within the family, in the office, or in the contemporary lifestyle.

Arhatic is derived from the word Arhat which means a highly evolved being. An Arhat is a Buddhist term which means the perfected one (or what someone with a Hindu background will call a Parmahansa and a Christian background will call a Saint).

Arhatic Yoga

If you were looking for one thing that could transform your life, then this is it. Arhatic Yoga is phenomenal. Its power is beyond imagination.

The Purpose of Arhatic Yoga

According to MCKS many in the world have a misconception of what a spiritual practitioner is supposed to be like. According to MCKS: “People on spiritual path are not anaemic. They must be sharp, strong and courageous. Being spiritual means being powerful, dynamic and intelligent.”

Many people think that the purpose of spirituality is to achieve inner peace, divine bliss, and divine ecstasy. In reality the purpose of spiritual development is much more. The main purpose of spiritual practice is to accelerate the evolutionary development of one’s soul. MCKS said that the deeper purpose of Arhatic Yoga is to produce compassionate, good hearted, powerful who will become great divine servants – to accelerate the development of the soul so that a person may be of greater service to mankind and the planet Earth.

What is unique about Arhatic Yoga?

The word “Yoga” basically means union. More specifically, Yoga means the union of the Incarnated Soul and the Higher Soul. Arhatic Yoga is a synthesis of various spiritual practices and techniques (that includes powerful meditations, purifications and breathing techniques) integrated into a step-by-step system to rapidly and safely accelerate your spiritual development eventually enabling the spiritual practitioner to achieve union with his or her Divine Self.

The aim of Arhatic Yoga is to enable people with various religious backgrounds and beliefs to access the inner teachings, kept secret for centuries. People from many different religions and philosophical traditions across the whole world are successful in practicing Arhatic Yoga because of its universality of the teachings. The system has been designed in such a way that makes it possible to pursue the spiritual path while living a “normal life.” It means that by practicing Arhatic Yoga not only you need not to abandon your normal life, career and relationships to develop spiritually. Additionally, Arhatic Yoga enables you to further cope with daily difficulties and challenges of contemporary lifestyle. All you need to do is to make yourself available for the course, practice the teachings, and truly transform your life.

“You have tried your old method. It doesn’t work. You have been hitting your head against the wall; the wall is still there. It doesn’t work! Why don’t you try something new?”

Master Choa Kok Sui

The Yoga of Synthesis

Arhatic Yoga is a synthesis of the yogas. Several aspects of different Yogas are specially combined to produce and effective and fast method for spiritual development. The end result is a person with a powerful integrated personality.

Arhatic Yoga synthesizes and integrates all the seven yogas – Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Mantra Yoga, and simplified Hatha Yoga – to build the foundation for spiritual development and accelerating the evolution of the soul. The physical body is purified and developed through physical exercises (similar to hatha yoga) and breathing exercises (pranayama); the emotional body through service and character building (similar to Karma Yoga), and the mental body through the study of inner reflection (similar to Raja Yoga). Furthermore, Bhakti Yoga (or the Yoga of devotion) addresses the emotional development through emphasis of the love for God and all his manifestations. Jnana yoga encourages the development of the mind though study, mental exercises, and high order thinking. Kundalini Yoga involves the careful manipulation and proper awakening of the kundalini energy residing at the base of the spine for purposes of illumination.

Arhatic Yoga is an extraordinary path of personal growth structured through different levels. On the initial level, which is the Preparatory Level, it can be defined as a system of Synthesis of all Yoga as it integrates their essence and best techniques into a single system… where-as on the Higher Levels it is also defined as a Yoga of Synthesis.

Arhatic Yoga is so powerful that few years of practice is equal to decades of practice with ordinary yoga. Arhatic Yoga as a system is truly meant for those who are serious about their spiritual development. 

Benefits of Arhatic Yoga

Regular Arhatic Yoga practice increases your energy, activates the chakras, and balances the negative properties within the chakras. The practice neutralizes and refines ancient negative tendencies within the personality. As one moved to a higher frequency the higher soul takes charge of your thoughts, your emotions, and your actions. Your life being becomes calm not chaotic. As you advance in practice you achieve Self-Mastery.

A good question one may ask is “What is Self-Mastery”? Self-Mastery represents the ultimate goal that a spiritual aspirant can hope to achieve. One gains self-mastery when one is in control of his internal through processes that guides one’s emotions, speech and behaviour and provides the stability to respond rather than react. A person has control over one’s lower nature has self-mastery.

These changes manifest in many different ways, both practically as well as spiritually. A large number of students have reported the following changes:

  • Many have reported that their mind mind works efficiently in their daily and professional lives. Students have often said that the practices have made them smarter, more intuitive, and perceptive
  • Students have said that they tend to become less emotional don’t react to situations with extreme emotions or panic
  • Most experience a calmer happier existence.
  • Spiritually many feel that their meditations becoming deeper, longer, and more blissful.
  • Many have felt a sense of oneness or connectedness (if there is such a word) that fills the emptiness they often felt in life
  • Most students experience a desire to help others and give back to the world.
  • Through Arhatic Yoga many have realized their higher purpose in life. Surprisingly, one of the most prevalent complaints in the world today is around a sense of depression that people feel from not knowing their purpose in life. How many times have we heard people wonder… Why am I here?  Why do I exist?  What am I meant to do with my life? Once people find the reason they are on this planet, their lives take on more meaning. They have a sense of purpose and inner peace.

These are just some of the benefits of Arhatic Yoga. There are undoubtedly dozens more.

GMCKS and Arhatic Yoga

Many powerful techniques for spiritual development and advancement were revealed to Master Choa Kok Sui by his Teacher Mahaguruji Mei Ling to help humanity achieve an empowered, safe and accelerated spiritual life in the shortest time possible. In ancient times these teachings were limited only to a chosen few and only a mere handful of students would be given the instruction verbally. In return the student would serve at the feet of the teacher and the disciple would do any and all jobs available at the teacher’s ashram. In modern times however with the progress of civilization and the advancement in mankind’s consciousness more and more people are ready and prepared to receive the secret teachings previously reserved only for the educated or revealed only to high priests or ancient religions. It is this present condition of the human race that has encouraged the revelation and presentation of Arhatic Yoga to the public. Master Choa Kok Sui has shared these highly distilled and simplified techniques with many around the world enabling them to lead a more fulfilling and enriching life.

MCKS had assigned only his most senior disciples to preserve and at the same time propagate the teachings of the ancient esoteric wisdom throughout the whole world previously kept and practiced in secret this body of teachings has already been introduced to the public in a scientific form and transmitted orally from the teacher’s mouth to the student’s ear.

Mahaguruji Mei Ling

The Technology of Arhatic Yoga

According to MCKS, “Arhatic Yoga is prehistoric in origin”. Arhatic Yoga isn’t just a single workshop or a set of meditations. Arhatic Yoga is a multi-faceted system which places emphasis on several yogic practices to develop a solid foundation for spiritual development. There are multiple aspects that make up Arhatic Yoga practice including the correct attitude towards the Supreme God and the Guru, purifications, meditation, service and tithing, and study. Let’s examine a few facets of the amazing spiritual technology which is Arhatic Yoga.

Arhatic Yoga Meditations

The Latin root of the word meditation, mederi, means “to heal.”  The word meditation has had different connotations in different parts of the world. In the West, the word meditation means a concentrated state of mind in serious reflection. In the East meditation has been linked more to a spiritual ideal. The Hebrew word for meditation means a very intense spiritual battle. According to Zen, meditation is an awareness of inner silence. Meditation can be used to mean the practice of prolonged awareness. It could mean spiritual practice or spiritual cultivation. Meditations and spiritual development speeds up evolutionary processes and are responsible for development of the higher faculties. Human beings have infinite potential. Spiritual practices are the missing link that can enable one to realize his or her unrealised potential, and achieve just about anything.

Arhatic Yoga Meditations are part of the regular practice and are designed to create balanced development in aspects of the will (or sat), intelligence (or chit), and love (or ananda) are strengthened. Meditation on Twin Hearts is used to activate the heart and the crown chakras to enable the practitioner to become more loving. Meditation on the Blue Pearl attempts to achieve Union with the Higher Soul. Arhatic Kundalini Meditation (or Meditation on the Inner Breath) aims at developing the will aspect of the soul accelerating the evolution of the soul and the physical body. One the key purposes of the Kundalini meditation is to activate the brain cells so that they can register inner experiences and also clean the system of ancient negative seeds. The Arhatic Dhyan meditation is used to develop the capacity for prolonged awareness (Dhyan is a term equal to Zen which means prolonged awareness).

According to MCKS, “There are several spiritual or yogic systems of activating the chakras and awakening the kundalini. Arhatic Meditation is one of the systems that systematically, safely and rapidly activates the chakras and awakens the kundalini.”

Arhatic Yoga and Inner Purification

In the MCKS Arhatic Yoga system there is a strong emphasis on purifications. Through physical and breathing exercises implementation of simple dietary guidelines and practice of greater control over their emotions, practitioners develop stronger and more vibrant energetically clean physical and energy bodies. The purification routines further yield significant benefits to maintain a healthier physical body, refined emotions, and a sharper mind. In Arhatic Yoga there is also a strong focus on inner purification (or what is called character building) including concepts such as a focus on right thought, right speech, right action.

The purpose of character building is to enable a good person to become a better person. The aspects of the character are emphasized are the virtue of Loving Kindness and Non-injury; the virtue of Generosity and Non-stealing; the virtue of Honestly and Non-lying (or Accurate Perception and Correct Expression); the virtue of Constancy of Aim and Effort; and; the virtue of Moderation and Non-Excessiveness. Though actively practicing the positive aspects of the character and by consciously strengthening character quality, additional negative karma is and can be avoided. According to MCKS purification is more important than meditation. Without purification if a person starts meditating there is a tendency for the weakness to magnify, making a person worse as opposed to a better person.

Arhatic Yoga Levels

Arhatic Yoga is a dynamic science. It has constantly evolved in tune with spiritual growth and development of the teachers and changing world environment. The thrust has always been to make the teachings easier to practice while maintaining the quality and integrity and of course the energy of the course. While hundreds of people have taken the preparatory course very few have been able to sustain the practice and proceed to the higher levels. So to be a successful Arhatic yoga practitioner one must therefore be persevering. The practice requires perseverance and dedication, especially given that the lower levels from preparatory to levels 3 take about 1-2 years to reasonably master. The different levels of Arhatic yoga gradually then exponentially increase one’s energy levels, healing ability, and control over subtle energies.

The Preparatory Level provides the foundation of successful Arhatic Yoga practice. The basic techniques are easy to practice but must be mastered thoroughly if one is to be allowed admission into higher levels. The observance of the virtues and constant character building provide the backbone for the practice of the higher levels. The techniques taught in the preparatory levels are therefore indispensable and are therefore continued in one’s practice in the higher levels.

In the Higher Levels Arhatic Yoga becomes the yoga of synthesis. The emphasis is on the word synthesis, or form, of substance, of spirit and of matter. This implies the gradual integration of different forms of consciousness and higher forms of energy. With the lower levels enabling the practitioners to function on several levels simultaneously in a coordinated, harmoniously and synthesized manner. In the higher levels the practitioner grows spiritually to the extent that his or her service is not limited to his or her family, community, or country. One becomes a force for good anywhere one goes in the world. One becomes a world server.

Who Can Take Arhatic Yoga?

Arhatic Yoga can suit any culture, belief system, or profession enhancing one’s performance in the spiritual and material worlds in an exceptional way. As an Arhatic Yoga practitioner one is not asked to change one’s religious belief or to change one’s religion. One simply becomes better within one’s tradition – a better HIndu, a better Christian, a better Jew, a better Buddhist, a better Sikh, a better Jain, or a better Muslim. You soul will be in charge of your thoughts, your emotions, and your actions.

To ensure that Arhatic Yoga is practiced by only those who are ready for it, all applicants have to be screened prior before they are accepted. They must have taken at least three Pranic Healing courses as a pre-requisite (Basic Pranic Healing, Advanced Pranic Healing and Pranic Psychotherapy) in addition to the Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul workshop. Applications must also have a good track record within their families, their business and careers, and must already be regularly serving and tithing.

Yoga Meditations

Those with a history of major ailments, weather physical or emotional in nature, are generally not qualified. This is because their physical and energy bodies have been substantially weakened and may not be able to withstand the energies generated by the practice of Arhatic Yoga. There is also a recommended age limit. Arhatic Yoga is generally okay for anyone above the age of 18 and below 60 years of age. There are of course some exceptions… but they are few.

Accelerate your Spiritual Development

Arhatic Yoga is designed for people who are serious about their spiritual growth. Arhatic Yoga encompasses all you need to know about your spiritual development and safe, easy yet powerful techniques to accelerate it. Arhatic Yoga as a technology can help you rapidly accelerate your spiritual development. Additionally By learning Arhatic Yoga you can be part of a group where you can experience fellowship. be nurtured in a spiritual environment with regular meetings, updates, retreats and spiritual coaching.

Arhatic Yoga also gives you a better understanding of your life and its unique purpose. It is highly recommended for everyone. Although we look different, we have different professions and ways of life, we are all beings of light who knowingly or unknowingly are trying to evolve. Arhatic Yoga makes this possible!

You may learn more about Arhatic Yoga via our FAQ page

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