In esoteric literature we sometimes come across a term called “Kundalini”. This is a concept which is considered to be highly mystical and esoteric. Ever wondered what this really means?

In the philosophy of Yoga, there is mention of two very powerful energies: Shiva and Shakti. While Shiva is regarded to be a masculine energy, Shakti is feminine. While Shakti is the energy in the physical world, the Shiva energy is related to the spiritual world. Shakti is therefore the manifest tangible counterpart of Shiva. Shiva is formless while Shakti is closely linked with matter.

Kundalini energy is a form of energy that works in unison with the Form, the Manifested, and the Physical Body. Spiritual schools regard Kundalini energy as a sacred fire that requires awakening and which eventually allows spiritual practitioners to register inner experiences as well as attain higher levels of consciousness.


The Nature of Kundalini

Kundalini energy is present in every living person but typically is only awakened partially. For most part this energy this remains dormant. Its nature can be understood as that of “seed energy” i.e. it is the energy which causes a seed planted into the fertile soil to blossom as a plant. It is the Kundalini energy that provides the required energy that the human body needs to initiate (and sustain) the changes it goes through during the teenage years. 

The Upanishads describe Kundalini energy as a coiled serpent as the base of the spinal cord awaiting awakening. Symbolically the Kundalini has been represented using the symbol of the caduceus (known in Greek mythology as the staff of Hermes). The caduceus is also used as the modern-day symbol for medicine and is often seen on ambulances… which is a hint that a awakened Kundalini has to do with healing.

There are various references to this sacred energy in not only the Upanishads, but also various other religious texts and symbols. For instance, in the Chinese tradition the Kundalini energy is depicted as a dragon. This is one of the reasons that sometimes deities such as Buddha Kwan Yin are depicted riding on a dragon. Even the fairy-tale of The Sleeping Beauty is considered by many to be a garbed reference to the Kundalini energy lying asleep just like the princess. The prince, being a symbol for the spiritually potent energy, awakens the Kundalini with a kiss.

Why bother awakening it?

So why bother awakening this dormant energy?

In spirituality, Kundalini energy is considered a sacred energy that needs to be awakened in practitioners to enable them to register the higher levels of consciousness and their inner experiences. According to Master Choa Kok Sui:

Evolution of the soul must be accompanied by evolution of the body, just as the evolution of a computer software must be accompanied by the evolution of a computer hardware. We cannot use the latest program on a computer that is 10 years old. They are not compatible. The purpose of awakening Kundalini energy is to upgrade your physical body and brain.

The word to be emphasised is “upgrade”. Thus according to MCKS, the Kundalini energy is needs to be upgrade the brain cells and the physical body. If the evolution of the soul is not accompanied by the evolution of the body, the soul won’t be able to impress the inner experiences upon the physical brain. The soul won’t be able to transfer the insights derived through the intuitive intelligence to the body and therefore cannot be used by the soul and the higher beings to manifest the Divine Plan on earth. We might have many inner experiences, but unless the brain is capable of registering them, we will remain unaware of them. Without an upgraded brain that is able to register higher vibrations, experiencing illumination is almost impossible. A person without a sufficiently awakened Kundalini is considered to be spiritually dormant. Therefore awakening of Kundalini energy is necessary for practitioners on the spiritual path.

Awakening the Kundalini

According to MCKS, a person with a highly awakened Kundalini would become a genius, would have the potential to become a great leader, or a spiritual teacher. 

There are many methods of awakening of Kundalini energy. However, what is is highly important in its proper awakening. Using “improper” methods to awaken the Kundalini leads to many negative side effects (often referred to as the Kundalini Syndrome that may include symptoms like physical pains, rashes, heating up of the body, emotional imbalances, sexual syndromes, magnification of weaknesses, and even hallucinations and other problem). It is thus advisable to follow a safe method of awakening the Kundalini.   

It is important to note that the Kundalini has 7 layers each with 7 sub-layers i.e. there are thus 49 degrees of awakening. Hence the question is not whether the Kundalini is awakened but the question is to what degree is the Kundalini awakened.

Moreover, Kundalini energy is like a fertilizer. The positive and negative qualities in a person will be highly magnified when the Kundalini is awakened to some degree. Thus inner purification in terms of character building is vital when a person embarks on a spiritual journey. In the Arhatic Yoga system, MCKS has therefore laid a lot of emphasis on inner purification and removing weaknesses and character defects.  

Master Choa Kok Sui taught multiple methods of safely awakening this latent energy. One of the safest and effective way to awaken the Kundalini energy is via the Meditation on the Twin Hearts. More powerful techniques are taught in Arhatic Yoga. The Arhatic Yoga (Preparatory Level) workshop introduces the Meditation on the Inner Breath. The Meditation on the Inner Breath forms an integral part of Arhatic meditation and helps in awakening the sacred fire or Kundalini, energizes and balances the chakras, purifies the energy bodies and develops inner awareness and awakens the consciousness. Other powerful techniques to awaken the Kundalini energy are taught in the Higher Levels of Arhatic Yoga

Though the use of the structured techniques of Arhatic Yoga the Kundalini can be safely awakened thereby amplifying the positive aspects of our life. The benefits include activated brain cells, a healthier physical body, a cleansed aura, purified chakras, amazing spiritual experiences, and more developed internal abilities that ultimately lead to the experience of bliss and happiness that is much sought after.


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What Is Kundalini?
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What Is Kundalini?
In esoteric literature we sometimes come across the phrase Kundalini Yoga. Spiritual schools regard Kundalini energy as a sacred fire that requires awakening to allow spiritual practitioners to register inner experiences as well as attain higher levels of consciousness. So what is kundalni? And what is its importance?
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