Pranic Crystal Healing represents a significant “upgrade” vis-a-vis healing using your hands. Master Choa Kok Sui created the science of Pranic Crystal Healing to help students make their healing faster and deeper. Of late we have had queries from a few graduates towards how they should select a suitable healing crystal. There are a large number of resources available online which provide guidance on this subject… unfortunately some of the available information is conflicting and confusing. This is one of the reasons we thoroughly researched this topic have have put together this article to help you understand the factors that go into choosing a suitable healing crystal (specifically a laser crystal). This includes insights on how to choose the right Pranic Healing crystal for you, what you should look for, and the parameters that influence the effectiveness of your crystal, what to avoid, and also how to avoid getting ripped off. 

Pranic Healing Crystals

The Laser Crystal

The term “laser crystal” is usually associated with crystals used in Pranic Healing. According to MCKS: “A laser quartz crystal is not really a laser. It is just a label given to a long thin quartz crystal with a pointed tip. Sometimes the end of the crystal may have two pointed tips. The Pranic energy that comes out of the pointed tip is focused or concentrated while the surrounding portion is dispersed. A laser crystal can be used for cleansing and energizing. When the tip of the laser crystal is used for cleansing, it is like using high-pressured water to clean the floor. The concentrated energy of the laser crystal makes cleansing more effective.”

What to look for while buying a Healing Crystal

In this article we would provide guidelines for choosing a quality laser crystal including what to look for and what to avoid.  While a crystal is a valuable tool for healing, one must remember that its effectiveness depends on the skill of the Pranic Healer. In Pranic Healing a crystal has a role which is similar to what  a surgical knife has to a surgeon i.e. it’s effectiveness mostly depends on the skill of the medical practitioner. Another important factor affecting the potency of a healing crystal is your ability to consecrate and charge the same. Having said that picking the right crystal is important if you want to heal.

There are multiple factors that go into the choice of a healing crystal. The major ones, in our viewpoint, are as follows. 

The Material

The most important factor that constitutes a powerful healing crystal is the raw material. You need to insist on purchasing a genuine natural quartz crystal. The higher the quality of quartz you are using, the faster (and deeper) your healing will be. The best quality quartz (and also the most expensive) is the one mined in Brazil.

One of the things that you might have noticed is that high quality healing crystals are quite expensive. The main reason for the same is that most of the natural quartz available in the world has been already mined, and hence with each passing year the main raw material has become tougher and tougher to find. A response to this shortage of quartz (traditionally used in watches and electronics) was to look at an alternative for synthesizing crystals in laboratories and factories. After several years of research and experiment, the process was perfected in the 1950’s and since then synthetic crystals have been used in industrial and manufacturing activities. 

However, one needs to bear in mind is that synthetic crystals are not suitable for energy healing. According to MCKS: “A crystal is a subtle energy condenser. This means that it can absorb, store, project and focus subtle energies. In a certain sense, it is just like a rechargeable battery that can absorb, store and release electrical energy.” Synthetic crystals are simply not good at this role.

One of the reasons we choose emphasize this point is given the fact that we have come a few cases where unscrupulous suppliers have manufactured and sold hydrocarbon based synthetic crystals… and this is something that we have unfortunately seen on more than one occasion. There is not much point in trying to do Pranic Crystal Healing with a piece of glass. Our suggestion therefore is that you are not 100% sure of the credentials of your supplier, then it might not hurt to get the crystal checked by a certified gemologist.

Clear of Coloured?

Laser crystals are also manufactured using green tourmaline, rose quartz, and amethysts. These are sometimes also used by Pranic Healing for healing given that it is easier to project green, pink and violet prana respectively. You also get smokey quartz crystal (which while clear have a grayish or brownish hue). However, these crystals are simply not as powerful and effective as clear quartz. 

By far the preferred material for healing crystals is clear quartz given that those are faster, deeper and very versatile allowing you to project any color you want with it. Plus these hold programming and charge better. Our suggestion is to always prefer clear quartz over any other material. 

What about inclusions and natural defects?

Natural quartz crystals typically have inclusions. These are natural defects owing to material trapped within the body of a crystal (these are typically mineral deposits, water, gas, petroleum, or even organic material) or through internal fractures may be caused by stress or external pressure while the crystal was forming. Some crystals have lots of inclusions and might even look cloudy while others are more clear and pure. Do note that, in general, synthetic crystals do not have inclusions.  

In general, the more clear a crystal the more powerful it would be. The main reason for this is that inclusions tend to deflect and reduce the Pranic energy flowing through them. However, inclusions that run the length of a crystal are less of a problem with deflecting energy than inclusions that run across the width of the crystal. Unfortunately, the more clear a crystal the more expensive it would be. Our suggestion is that you buy the clearest crystal that fits your budget. 

What about the shape?

Laser crystals are typically of two types. Single point (referred to as a single terminator) and double points (pointed at both ends and sometimes referred to as the double terminator). Double terminators “leak” energy out both ends. Hence it you use it for healing then there is a chance that you might end up getting yourself contaminated with dirty Prana. Our suggestions is that single terminators are safer.

What about the weight?

According to MCKS, the intensity of energy projected goes up as the weight of the crystal goes up (tops out at around 400 grams). In general, MCKS recommended heavier laser crystals over the lighter ones. Our suggestion is that in general get the biggest crystal that falls in your budget. However, based on our experience, we feel that quality of the quartz and clarity of the crystal is more important than weight.

How heavy should your crystal be? Here are the options:

  • Most people use light and small laser crystals (typically between the 80 gram to 120 gram range).
  • A medium weight crystal in the 200-250 gram range is significantly more effective than a lighter crystal.
  • Heavy crystals in the 300-400 gram range are undoubtedly the most effective. There is not much to be gained by using a crystal that is heavier than about 400 grams. 

While a heavier crystal might feel awesome at first, but they tend to start feeling very heavy after a few hours of continuous healing. You may eventually get used to a heavier crystal… but there is an time period and effort which is involved. If you are willing to put in the effort, then by all means go for something heavier. 

So what weight is suitable for you? Unfortunately we cannot give you a firm recommendation for the weight suitable for you. You are ultimately the only one who can take that decision.

What about length and diameter?

The length of the healing crystal is only important with regards to the comfort of the person holding it. Typically most Pranic Healing crystals available fall between the 5 inch to 7.5 inch length range. However, you want to be sure to buy a single terminator crystal that is long enough to feel comfortable in your hand. Also try and make sure that your palm or fingers don’t cover the round end when you are using it. We typically recommend a crystal which is 1-1.5 inches longer than your hand.

When comparing laser crystals of equal clarity, the larger the diameter the more Pranic energy will flow through it. A straight laser (the same diameter throughout) will project an even amount of Prana while a tapered crystal (larger diameter at the round end) will increase the intensity of the Pranic energy as it travels down the crystal. In general, slightly tapered crystals are better. 

What about the sharpness of the point?

Long tapered points intensify the Pranic energy (and may produce faster results). However, having said that, we usually don’t recommend crystals which are very pointed. The main reason for the same is that a sharp point tends to chip, and you cannot heal with a crystal with a chipped tip. You will end up getting the point repaired (and will end up shaving half an inch in length of the crystal). Based on personal experience, a crystal with a long tapered point is simply not worth the effort or cost (not to mention the sense of the anguish that you feel when your lovely crystal gets chipped).

If you are using a very pointed crystal, you have to be sure not to use a lot of “will” during healing.

What about facets?

Facets are the number of faces that the crystal has. Facets are created when the raw material is cut and shaped into a laser crystal. In general most of the crystals you will find would have 16, 18, 24, 32 and 36 facets. In general, the more the number of facets the crystal has, the softer would be the flow of energy passing through the same. Crystals with 36 facets are by and large considered to be the most efficient for healing. However, the larger the number of facets, the more expensive is the crystal. There are two reasons for this – the cost of labour (for shaping the crystal) and higher wastage of the raw material.

Having said that, the number of facets are not as important as quality, clarity and weight of the crystal. We conducted an experiment with two clear quartz crystal. The first weighed 250 grams and had 18 facets, while the second weight 200 grams with 32 facets. Based our personal experience, the heavier crystal (with lesser facets) provided to be by far more powerful for healing.

What about gold lasers?

Gold lasers are crystal that have an embedded a gold rod that is drilled and glued into the round end of the wand. The gold rod is like a pin with a head, and usually contains 2-3 grams of gold (18 karat or 24 karat). The gold rod is supposed to intensify (and modify the quality of) the Pranic energy flowing through it and are considered the most powerful Pranic Healing crystals available.  

So should one use a gold laser?

This is where things can get fuzzy given the multiple viewpoints available on the subject. As we understand it, gold lasers were originally presented by MCKS to selected students for use in healing. Having spoken to a lot of people, and upon hearing multiple viewpoints, our recommendation is that Gold Lasers should be only used for healing by Arhatic Yoga graduates who are diligently practicing the Five Pillars of Arhatic Yoga. For those who are not as regular with their Arhatic Yoga practices could in the interim use a ordinary laser crystal (without a gold inserted). You can always get a gold rod inserted into your crystal at a later stage. 

How much should I spend?

Pranic Healing crystals are available in a wide price range. We have seen laser crystals ranging for Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 2,00,000 (yes you read that right… there is no typographical error). How much of a budget to allocate has multiple considerations.

We suggest the following guidelines:

  • If you are a recent Pranic Crystal healing graduate, then we suggest you start off with an inexpensive crystal. Crystals are about as fragile as glass and we often see that new graduates tend to break their first crystal. Hence we suggest you protect you investment by not buying anything expensive upfront. Once you are comfortable with using a crystal, you can by all means buy something more expensive.
  • Another consideration is around how often you heal. If you do only a few healings in a month, then they investment in a very expensive crystal is not worth the return. If you do a lot of heavy lifting in terms of complex healings (such as Cancer and AIDS), then you are better off investing the money in a more powerful crystal.
  • If you are a full time healer or heal very often, then try and make the investment and buy the best crystal that you can afford. The investment would be worth it. 

And you also not need a large number of laser crystal. We say this because we sometimes do come across healers who possess and carry multiple crystals (like a mini golf kit). Just one good crystal is enough. At max, you may keep another crystal as a back-up or spare crystal. 

And do keep in mind the virtue of Moderation and Non-excessiveness.  Don’t go overboard in spending much beyond what you can afford.  

Choosing Your Crystal

We again feel it is important to re-emphasise what we mentioned up-front. In Pranic Healing a crystal has a role which is similar to what  a surgical knife has to a doctor i.e. it’s effectiveness mostly depends on the skill of the surgeon. Healing skill (which comes via lots and lots of practice) is the most important factor in producing consistent and dramatic results in Pranic Healing. We have seen healers product dramatic results even while using a cloudy crystal with lots of intrusions. Hence skill is therefore most important. Simply buying an expensive crystal does not make one an exceptional healer… though it can certainly make it faster (and quicker) to alleviate pain and suffering. 

Also note that as the healer evolves, so do the crystals. The more you heal, and the more you do your spiritual practices, the more powerful your crystal will get. 

In our experience, you should keep the factors outlined above in mind, but those factors are not the only considerations. The right crystal for you is the one which feels comfortable and makes you feel happy (we are serious – you may actually feel your heart chakra expanding when you hold the crystal which is right for you). Therefore best crystal for you is the one which simply “feels right”. The crystal which are you strongly drawn to is the one which is most likely to one which is right for you. 

Irrespective of your budget, any clear quartz crystal (even one with lots of inclusions) is better than using your hands for dong Pranic Healing. So get yourself a quartz crystal and start practicing. Make sure you read “Pranic Crystal Healing” by MCKS thoroughly around how to charge and clean your crystals. The book is available online at our Pranic Healing Shop. Based on our experience crystals which are not kept clean tend to get damaged or break more often than not. Crystals which are clean tend to feel lighter

We hope this article has been helpful. Happy healing! 

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Choosing a Healing Crystal
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Choosing a Healing Crystal
Guidelines and information on laser crystals to help you make a wise and educated decision on how to choose and locate the perfect Pranic Healing crystal.
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