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Welcome to the World of Prana and the official online store of Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Foundation of West Bengal. The Pranic Healing Shop was was created to propagate the teachings of MCKS Pranic Healing and MCKS Arhatic Yoga. We sell books, CDs, posters, charts, and other products by Master Choa Kok Sui. All of these products can be purchased via this online store or though our Facebook Shop. Currently we ship only within India. These products can also be directly purchased from the Foundation Office.

The purpose of our onsite shop is to share a deeper understanding of such topics such as energy, meditation, healing, and spiritual development. These topics are universal and do not require affiliation with any religion. These products are great tools for those new to such esoteric concepts, as well as to the seasoned spiritual aspirant. The books of MCKS translated into Bengali are exclusively available on our Pranic Healing Shop.

Prices of all our products include all applicable government taxes. A nominal shipping amount is charged for each product.

For any questions regarding our products and/or orders, please write to us at: pranickolkatashop@gmail.com.

Shipping Rates

For the introductory period, we are offering low shipping rates of Rs 10 per 500 grams for delivery of Books, CD’s or any products anywhere within India. Happy Shopping!

Shipping Policies

We ship books as soon as possible. Shipping takes 5-7 days for standard domestic and 7-14 days for rural. Products go out via multiple carrier partners including Indian Post.

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