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Meditations by MCKS

Over his lifetime Master Choa Kok Sui recorded a large number of audio tracks with guided meditations. These recordings were created to make it easier for students to practice the teachings. A large number of the recordings available on this page. Of the recordings available, there are a large number of variations of the Meditation on Twin Hearts which are open to the general public. The the Meditation on the Higher Soul CD is only available to graduates of the Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul workshop. In addition to these meditations, MCKS also recorded the audio book of The Existence of God is Self Evident (2006) which remains one of his last recordings. One of the things to remember though that while these meditations at the surface might seem simple, but these in fact are very powerful. Hence one needs to be careful to not over-practice the meditations by MCKS. It is also recommended that practitioners formally learn the meditations before attempting the practice. You may feel free to get in touch in case you would like to learn how to meditate.

Meditations by MCKS

The set of meditations also includes the lovely Archangels Meditation (by Nona Castro – a senior disciple of MCKS) which is a Twin Hearts adaptation. This CD is possibly the only audio recording made available on this site which is not in the voice of the Guru.

Some of the audio recordings also have a voice over in regional languages to enable students not conversant with English to be able to practice these wonderful teachings.

Voice Overs in regional languages

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