These days it has become an ingrained habit for most to turn to Google to find answers to any question. This is evidenced by over 100 billion searches that are performed every month. Technology and the internet has transformed the world and we should be grateful to be able to use Google to get answers to just about anything ranging from the cricket score, weather forecast, remedies for a sore throat, to historical facts like who won the first battle of Panipat. Almost magically, near accurate answers to any query surface instantaneously. But unfortunately, Google does not have all the answers.

Google Does Not Have All The Answers

Try searching for important questions that sometimes trouble us. Try searching for your life’s purpose, or what you should do to overcome the current challenges in your life… and you are likely to draw a blank. Information technology and the internet can only go that far.

To get answers to these perplexing questions we need a different technology. We need a spiritual technology which helps us connect to our “inner-net”.

The Search Within

What if we were to tell you that you have been facing the wrong way! Take a moment right now to experience what we mean. Picture yourself in any position. You will notice that you are looking away from yourself. We are always looking outwards… which is the wrong way.

It is important for us to understand our true nature. We are not physical beings which can have a spiritual experience. Instead we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. A deeper understanding of our true nature is has to do with an understanding that you are the soul with a body (as opposed to being a body with a soul).

The soul takes physical incarnation from time to time. Physical incarnation is needed by the soul to experience things thereby helping the soul to grow and evolve. The part of the soul which incarnates is called the Incarnated Soul (often described as the Jiva, the Personality, or the Lower Self). The Incarnated Soul is connected to the Higher Soul (sometimes called the Atman or the Higher Self). The Higher Soul is in fact our Divine Self.

While all of us are connected with our Higher Soul, the degree of “connectedness” with varies from person to person. This connection may range from the thickness of a spider’s thread to that of a pillar of light. If we are able to increase the connection (and thereby the “degree of oneness” with the Higher Soul), we would be able to tap in to wisdom and guidance of our Divine Self. As we seek health, success and happiness in the physical world, we are often oblivious to how close true health, success and happiness are, because we don’t look inward. A lot of people do not realize that a strong connection with the Higher Soul is one of the keys for having happiness, inner strength, health, and Divine guidance in your daily life.

So how does one deepen the connection with the Higher Soul? For that we need a new technology – a spiritual technology. For that you need to meditate. According to Master Choa Kok Sui, “Meditation is spiritual practice or spiritual consummation. The purpose of meditation is oneness. Meditation has a purifying effect. It strengthens your connection to your Higher Soul.” This is in fact the higher purpose of the science of Yoga.

Seeking the Answers

According to MCKS, there are thought-forms in our aura. Thought-forms are created whenever we think about anything. The length of time they remain in our aura depends on the strength of the thought form. These though-forms create “something” which is known as inner noise. This inner noise is the reason why we sometimes have the problem “hearing” the subtle voice of the Higher Soul. According to MCKS, “Inner noise prevents you from knowing who you really are. The cloud of thoughts and emotions in the aura is like a thick hard shell. It clouds everything a person sees, just like wearing dark glasses. This keeps people from thinking clearly.” To hear the subtle voice of the Higher Soul one needs to cultivate stillness. 

Spiritual practice and meditation is the way to do that. Meditation helps in clearing the inner noise that clouds the aura. As one practices slowly and gradually the stillness and peace prevails. To meditate is the need of the soul. The truth is that as the soul meditates regularly, it rises above all these lower emotions. It then becomes possible to hear the voice of the inner soul.

Inner Noise

For many people meditations can be challenging. The moment one sits for it, lot of mental and physical interruptions happen. We feel lazy. We get carried away in thoughts. The inner noise distracts you. Many challenges crop up… and as a result we delay the meditation. But one needs to persist. As MCKS advised, “Meditate for your sake, not for the sake of the Teacher.”

MCKS advised: “Make a schedule. Unless you fix the time, you will not meditate. Make a firm resolution to meditate regularly. If you do not follow the schedule, you will not practice. If you do not practice, you will not advance spiritually. Follow the schedule!”

For questions which Google cannot answer

When it comes to the topic of meditation, there are many who do not realize that meditation is an exact science. For many people, meditation is confined to a body posture and sitting in an isolated room and just making the mind still. But advanced meditation techniques are based on an exact science. There are many types of meditation within our school. These include the Meditation on the Twin Hearts, the Meditation on the Lord’s Prayer, the Meditation on the Higher Soul, Inner Breath, Arhatic Dhyan and others. Each has defined rules and steps for each. Consistent results come from following the exact steps. 

Anyone can learn to meditate. Learning the Meditation on the Twin Hearts for example takes about an hour. We would be more than happy to teach you how to mediate. You are welcome to visit the Foundation office every Friday from 6:30 pm onward to learn and experience the Meditation on the Twin Hearts. We joyfully urge you to get started to experience the transformation that regular practice will have in your life for yourself.  

According to MCKS: “The rules for meditation are similar to the rules for driving a car. Follow the simple instructions!” It may time… but the results are bound to come. As MCKS taught: “The light is always there. How much light comes in depends on you.” Just practice regularly. Be persistent. Divine guidance and divine inspiration will come. You will find the answers within.

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Meditate: Because Google does not have all the answers.
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Meditate: Because Google does not have all the answers.
Ever got answers to complicated questions like life's purpose or how to overcome current challenges? Meditate: Because Google does not have all the answers.
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