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Manifest Goodness

Master Choa Kok Sui taught that one of the main objectives of spiritual development is to become a better instrument for service to humanity. Blessing the Earth with loving-kindness and divine energy is also a form of service. Through meditation and invocation divine energies can be released and brought into activity to spiritualize and strengthen the troubled world. This means that people, if united and focused, have the power to heal the world, affect world events, and make the world a better place. As Pranic Healers we have been advised to contribute loving, peaceful and soothing energies toward the goal of achieving global harmony and world peace. This can also be done for specific regions and/or groups of people experiencing hardship, suffering natural disasters, or war. For those interested in being of service, there are a few ways in which we can help those in need across the world. 

Heal The World

Meditation on Twin Hearts

Do the Meditation on Twin Hearts with the intention of sending blessings and prayers to those regions and/or people affected by a crisis. It is recommended, but not necessary, that these meditations be done by a group of people. This allows for more energy to pour forth to those areas in need. In case people cannot assemble in a single physical location, you can affirm oneness with all those participating in the meditation.

The Meditation on Twin Hearts is available on CD, as well as featured in several books by MCKS including The Ancient Art and Science of Pranic Healing, Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul and Om Mani Padme Hum.


The Great Invocation

The Great Invocation is a powerful prayer given to the world by Holy Master Djwhal Khul, through Alice A. Bailey in 1937. It is a Universal Prayer and is not confined to any one religion, ‎caste or creed. The invocation was also adapted by MCKS. The Great Invocation has enormous healing and protection power. You may also use this invocation as a method to bless the world with healing, with divine guidance and protection, with courage, strength, and hope. instructions for the use of The Great Invocation are available here.

The Great Invocation poster and cards are available at the Location Foundation.

What else can I do to help?

Service is of two types. There is a Yang form (or energy form) of service. Blessing the world using the Meditation on Twin Hearts or The Great Invocation constitute a Yang form of service. There is also a Yin form (or material form) of service which actually constitutes providing material or physical assistance. This can be done in multiple ways including: (a) doing service towards people affected in the community through feeding programs; and; (b) donating to charitable organizations that offer relief or funding to the areas in need, locally and globally.

As MCKS taught, “The soul develops by giving, not by accumulating!” In addition to the Yang form of service, we also joyfully request you to do the Yin form of service as possible.

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