How Pranic Healing Works

Understanding the Mechanism

Basic Concepts behind MCKS Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing is based on the overall structure of the human body. The physical body is actually composed of two parts: the visible physical body, and the unseen or invisible energy body called the bioplasmic body. The visible physical body is that part of the human body that we see, touch, and are most acquainted with. The bioplasmic body is that invisible luminous energy body which interpenetrates the visible physical body and extends beyond it by four or five inches. Pranic Healing is based on the principle of connection between the physical body and the energy body (or aura). One follows the other.

Pranic Healing utilizes Prana (also known as chi or ki or vital energy) to heal the whole physical body. Prana is that vital energy or life force which keeps the body alive and healthy. How much Prana a person has determines how fast the body heals. Therefore, increasing the Life Force of a person in the affected areas of the body increases the self-recovery mechanism of the body.

In Pranic Healing, we work on the energy body (particularly on areas and Chakras affected by the ailment/disease) to accelerate the healing process.  By working systematically on the energy body a new pattern is created that supports and accelerates the body’s innate ability to heal.

How Pranic Healing Works

What is Prana?

“Prana” is a Sanskrit word that means “life-force”. Prana is an invisible bio-energy or vital energy that keeps the body alive and maintains a state of good health. The concept of Prana is not unique to Ancient India, and is found in multiple traditions across the globe.

  • In acupuncture, the Chinese refer to this subtle energy as “Chi” or “Qi”. The concept of “Chi” or “QI” is the basis for Taichi and Qigong.
  • The Japanese refer to this subtle energy as “Ki”. The concept of “Ki” forms the basis for Akido and Reiki.
  • In the Old Testament this energy is referred to as “Ruah” or Nephesch (literally the Breath of Life)
  • In Greek this energy is called Pneuma
  • In Polynesian this is referred to a Mana  

The three main sources of Prana are the sun, the air and the ground. However, plants, trees, food and vegetables also provide different forms of Prana. 

Prana is not a new age, magical, and out-of-reach concept. Prana, Chi or Life-force is in fact a state of matter. However, Prana is far more subtle than solid, liquid and gas. It’s subtle nature makes energy intangible for the ordinary senses. However, with proper awareness and training, it is possible to feel, see, and experience the existence of Prana. During the Basic Pranic Healing workshop, students are able to see, feel, and experience Prana within the first hour! 

The Structure of the Human Body

The human body is actually composed of two parts, the visible physical body and the invisible energy body (which is also referred to as the bioplasmic body or the aura). This bioplasmic body is the invisible, luminous energy body which interpenetrates the visible physical body, and extends beyond it by four or five inches. This energy body is also sometimes referred to as the Etheric Body. Scientific evidence provides tangible proof of the existence of the energy body and its relation to the health and well-being of the physical body. Scientific experiments conducted by the eminent Russian scientist, Semyon Kirlian, using ultra-sensitive photographic process showed a colourful, radiant energy field surrounding the physical bodies of humans, animals and plants.

Pranic Healing

This bioplasmic body contains the mould and blueprint of the physical body and absorbs life energy and distributes it to the organs and glands. The bioplasmic body also contains energy centres that regulate the flow of Prana to various parts of the body. These energy centers are called chakras. Proper regulation of Prana in the bioplasmic body manifests in the upkeep of good health and vitality. Based on the Law of Correspondence, what affects this energy field, affects the physical body too. Diseases first appear as energetic disruptions in the energy field before manifesting as ailments in the physical body.

Pranic Healing is an ancient art and science which utilizes Prana to heal the bioplasmic body. Pranic Healing influences this natural life force and the bioplasmic body to bring about a healthier physical body.

Fundamental Principles Behind Pranic Healing

Pranic healing is based on two fundamental principles. These principles are:

  • Principle of Self-Recovery: This principle states that the body has an innate ability to heal itself at a certain rate. Medicines, Doctors, Therapists and Practitioners of the healing arts just assist in this process by accelerating this innate ability.
  • Principle of Life Force: For Life to exist, the body must have prana, chi or energy. Prana or energy is to a body what gasoline is to a car. This prana can be transferred and manipulated in order to accelerate the healing process.

Pranic Healing influences this natural life force and the bioplasmic body to bring about a healthier physical body. In chemistry, electrical energy is sometimes used as a catalyst to increase the rate of chemical reaction. Light can affect chemical reaction. In the same way, in Pranic Healing, Prana serves as the catalyst to accelerate certain reactions involved in the natural healing process of the human being. Pranic Healing works on the principle that increasing the life force or vital energy on the affected part of the physical body accelerates the healing process. Pranic healing also influences the proper functioning of chakras within the energy body, which in turn are responsible for proper regulation of life force in the bio-plasmic body, which manifests in the upkeep of good health.

Steps in Pranic Healing

In Pranic Healing, there are two basic steps: cleansing and energizing the patient’s bioplasmic body with prana or vital energy. It is by cleansing or removing the diseased bioplasmic matter from the affected chakra and the diseased organ, and by energizing them with sufficient prana or vital energy, that healing is accomplished. These two basic steps are the very foundation of Pranic Healing. The basic principle of cleansing and energizing is clearly manifested in the body because the body is cleansed by exhaling used-up air or carbon dioxide, and is energized by inhaling fresh air or oxygen. The physical body cleanses itself through its eliminative system, and is energized through proper food.

  • Cleansing: Cleansing is necessary to remove the devitalized diseased bioplasmic matter in the whole body or in the affected part or parts, and to clear up blocked bioplasmic channels. This is like first sweeping a very dirty floor and then adding soap and water or cleansing chemical to clean and remove the stubborn dirt. The whole process may be repeated over and over again until the bioplasmic body is normalized. Energizing without first cleansing is like pouring fresh coffee into a cup that is already filled with stale coffee. This approach is slow and quite wasteful. Moreover, without cleansing, the patient may suffer a radical reaction. Radical reaction means the drastic steps the body takes in order to correct and normalize its condition. This is usually painful and uncomfortable, and may appear as an initial worsening condition. This radical reaction is quite unnecessary and can be avoided.
  • Energizing: Energizing is simply the process of replacing devitalized diseased bioplasmic matter with fresh and wholesome Pranic energy. Fresh Prana serves as the catalyst to accelerate certain reactions involved in the natural healing process of the human body.

However, Pranic Healing is not meant to replace orthodox medicine rather to complement and enhance them. It has often been seen that when conventional medical treatment is complemented with Pranic Healing, the recovery rate is accelerated three to four times.

Pranic Healing is Spirituality blended with Science

MCKS understood that a science-based healing process needs to be both specific and repeatable. Pranic Healing is considered a science because the principles why healing works is clearly stated, and the the mechanism as to how healing works is also clearly articulated and explained. Moreover, all the techniques are exhausted practiced during the workshops so as to enable the student to apply it immediately after leaving class.

Healing in ancient times was more considered as an art, rather than a science; and a healing technology with well-established principles, techniques and protocols is often difficult to find among ancient healing methods. Master Choa Kok Sui spent more than 20 years of research to conceptualize Pranic Healing as a science with principles, techniques and steps with the aim that whoever follows the procedures, comes up with the expected results. Experiments were conducted on real patients with various health issues and ailments to validate if results were consistent and repeatable. Pranic Healing works on a cookbook approach. Each and every ailment has a unique set of energy patterns.

In Pranic Healing MCKS was thus able to come up with a set of protocols to address each individual ailment. Pranic Healing is a science in this sense as it could present a step-by-step formula and procedure that if applied by people equipped with this knowledge it can lead to similar expected results. Today Pranic Healing contains set protocols that have been tried, tested and the results repeated many times. Even more importantly, anyone can learn and use Pranic Healing without any previous healing experience.

Anyone can learn to Heal

Everyone has the innate ability to heal and relieve pain. One does not need to be born a clairvoyant nor have any special inborn healing power. All that is needed is a certain amount of concentration, determination and most of all the willingness to heal. It is easier to learn to heal than learning to ride a bicycle or play the piano.

How does a person learn to heal effectively in a very short time? In the foundational courses, you will gain extensive knowledge about the energetic body and the specific functions of the chakras (or energy centers). You will learn techniques of scanning (identifying areas of energetic imbalance in the aura); cleansing (removing unhealthy or diseased energy from the body); and energizing (providing pranic energy to accelerate the body’s innate ability to heal). Additionally Pranic Healing provides the student with a a step-by-step cookbook approach to healing.

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