Taurus Full Moon: The Wesak Festival Meditation

The Most Powerful Spiritual Event of the Year

Festivals of the Full Moon

The five-day period around the full moon is when extraordinary spiritual energies are available to the planet Earth. These energies are greatly magnified by focused group meditations and provide an opportunity to use these energies for our development. While the twelve full moon festivals are significant, the most important and intense full moon festival occurs during the full moon of Taurus, or the Wesak Purnima. 

The Full Moon of Taurus is considered to be the most powerful Full Moon of the year. The Wesak Festival is a spiritual and sacred ceremony celebrated on the full moon of the Indian month of Vaisakh (also called Wesak). It coincides with the anniversary of the Lord Buddha’s birth, his attainment of enlightenment, and his physical death. The Wesak Festival is a result of bridge-building between humanity and the Divine. On this day energy from the Supreme God and flowing through the Great Ones decent human consciousness. According to Holy Master Djwhal Khul, “No cost is too great to pay in order to be of use to the (Spiritual) Hierarchy at the time of the Wesak Festival; no price is too high in order to gain the spiritual illumination which can be possible.” 

On this day your soul gets the opportunity and privilege to immerse itself in a tremendous downpour of Divine Energy which can be used to purify your subtle bodies, chakras, and your physical body. The energy generated through this event can also be used to bless and heal Mother Earth. Through this act of blessing Mother Earth, one can generate tremendous amounts of good karma which can be utilized in bringing forth positive changes in all facets of our lives. The Wesak Full Moon is therefore an event which is not to be missed. 


Significance of the Full Moon

Just about any time in the year is good for meditation. However, there are energy cycles that make meditation easier, deeper and more powerful. One such occasion is the Full Moon when the planet Earth receives a “double dose of light” from both the Sun and the Moon. Therefore the Full Moon is considered to have a magnifying effect on things and events. The period around the full moon has been considered by many traditions and cultures as a sacred time for spiritual practices. For example, in Buddhism the period of the full moon has had significance during the phases of the life of Lord Sakyamuni Buddha.

It is believed that full moon is both a time of crisis and a time of great opportunity. Due to the magnifying effects of the Full Moon on the Earth and its people, it has been observed that the Full Moon tends to stir-up things. During the Full Moon there are more accidents, more child deliveries, and more psychological disturbances are often reported. But the Full Moon also presents a priceless opportunity for those who are interested in spiritual practices given that the magnifying effects of the full moon can be harnessed for greater spiritual activities and helping the mother earth.

Each full moon meditation vitalizes the key qualities of each of the twelve constellations. These energies are greatly magnified by focused group energy and provide an opportunity to “seed” these energies into our being. The twelve festivals of the full moon correspond to the twelve chakras (as taught by Master Choa Kok Sui), and participating in group meditation during the period of the full moon contributes towards the development of these individual energy centres. While the twelve full moon festivals are significant, the most important full moon festival occurs during the full moon of Taurus, or Wesak Purnima. Our understanding is that the full moon of Taurus results in the development of the Twelfth Chakra. More information about the Twelfth Chakra is available in Achieving Oneness with your Higher Soul by Master Choa Kok Sui.

The Legend of Wesak

According to legend there is a wonderful sacred observance is performed in a remote sacred valley in the northern side of the Himalayas near Nepal and Lhasa where legend says that Great Beings gather to witness a tremendous outpouring of Divine Energy for Divine Purpose and Plan. This celebration with all its esoteric significance occurs on different levels of consciousness – the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes of existence. There is a physical gathering of spiritual aspirants including monks in the valley near Mount Kailash. It is believed that spiritual disciples consciously attend the sacred ritual in their subtle vehicles (some in their astral bodies, others in their mental bodies, and the more advanced ones in their spiritual bodies).

If one attends the ceremony, one may or may not have a conscious memory of the experience. If the higher bodies are developed and pure, the disciple can experience the sacred ceremony at that level in all its solemnity, beauty and magnificence. For other aspirants, they will savour and feel the energy of beauty, joy, and bliss but not have any memory of the experience.

According to legend, the ceremony is filled with numerous symbols. Close to the appointed time of the full moon of Taurus, tradition shows that the group gathers and arranges itself to form large concentric circles. The Great Ones occupy certain points in the innermost circle and the younger members occupy the outermost circles. At the centre of the circle stands the World Teacher.

A few seconds before the full moon, the radiant figure of the Lord Buddha, sitting cross legged with hands together in a pure yellow vestment and flooded with awesome beauty of light and colour appears as a speck of light that gets closer and closer. The Great Invocation is sounded and the Lord Buddha passes a Ray of energy to the World Teacher, who then passes it through the centre circles of Great Ones, who then dispenses it to all the Ashrams of the Hierarchy who the passes it to all of humanity. The Great Enlightened One, after blessing the crowd, slowly disappears.

Thus the legend runs: The Buddha returns once a year to bless the world, transmitting renewed spiritual life, through The Christ and the other Great Ones. The whole ceremonial blessing takes just eight minutes. This is known as the Buddha’s annual sacrifice for humanity (for He comes back only at great cost), and He returns again to that high place where He works and waits. 

The Value of the Wesak Festival

What is then, the relevance or value of this sacred ceremony to ourselves, our group, our spiritual development and to our connection with the bigger Group and Divine Plan? According to Torkom Saraydarian, the Wesak energy will be best appreciated by spiritual disciples as they move forward to greater light, to greater revelation and greater field of service. Holy Master Djwhal Khul says that the secret of the Divine purpose and Divine Plan is hidden in the Wesak energy.

Let us recognize the deep importance and significance of these meetings and meditation. As we look at the esoteric importance of the ceremony, let us objectively perform a self-analysis. What have been my strengths, my weaknesses, my tests and my lessons? Let me look at what I have done in the area of self-purifications of my physical, emotional and mental bodies. Let me look at the practice of the five virtues. Have I practiced the virtues as part of my life? Am I weak in the practice of the virtues? Have I been focused on my spiritual development? Was and is there constancy of aim and effort? Have external and internal crisis de-focused my aim for spiritual growth? Can I accurately perceive things and express them correctly especially when it affects my life immensely? Do I practice balance and moderation? Am I honest to my peers, to my family, to my self, to my Teacher? Am I generous and unselfish on all levels? Am I meditating regularly? Am I giving enough service commensurate to the potentials of my energy body, chakras and abilities? Or am I just a peacock, displaying off my big chakras and effulgent and radiating aura?

On this coming Wesak Celebration, let us focus on ourselves as we strive to become an embodiment of Light, Love and Power. Let us use the incoming energies of love, joy, bliss, light of the Wesak to help humanity.

Why Attend the Wesak Celebrations

The Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Foundation of West Bengal has been organizing a five day Wesak Festival Celebration since 2008. This is to prepare ourselves for the Wesak Full Moon. During this period we meditate multiple times including two days before and two days after the Wesak Festival Proper. The first two group meditations are intended to prepare the energy bodies for the down-pouring of divine energies. These lead up to the moment of the Full Moon of Wesak on 30 April 2018. The last two group meditations are intended to seed the higher energies into our being. 

At the exact time of the Full Moon of Wesak, all participants will be meditating in an ancient geometric configuration to pull tremendous amounts of spiritual energy. In the process, the practitioners will be showered with vast amounts of Love, Light and Power. This would cleanse the aura and disintegrate negative thought patterns. You will come away feeling refreshed, clear and have a stronger purpose of your spiritual destiny. As you participate in the Blessing of Mother Earth, you will also generate lots of good karma that you can share with your family and loved ones. Afterwards, you can bring your projects and have them blessed by utilizing the group energy.  

It is estimated that meditating during the full moon is equivalent to meditating for several weeks straight. To meditate during the Wesak Full Moon is equivalent to meditating regularly for several months! 

Practicing the Meditation on the Twin Hearts and the Great Invocation with 7 people is equivalent to over 100 people doing meditation independently. The effect of meditating simultaneously with thousands of like-minded spiritual disciples (across the world is is beyond) comprehension. For this reason alone is worth participating in the event.

Additionally, water consecrated (or blessed) during the Wesak group meditation is said to have a lot of spiritual energy. This water, when taken in minute doses (a few drops), is said to possess healing powers. As part of the celebrations all participants would be provided with a bottle of water consecrated with the energy generated during the meditation. This in itself is a priceless gift. Do note that the effects of Wesak Water, however, are yet to be scientifically validated via formal laboratory experiments. 

Please take full advantage of this wonderful opportunity to be uplifted, healed and inspired Please join the Globally Celebrated Wesak Festival with the Pranic Healing family. Let us do our part to cleanse the consciousness of world leaders and mass consciousness to deal with the threats such as terrorism, war and the climate crisis. Only by helping humanity realize their divine aspects and oneness can there ultimately be peace on Earth.

Wesak 2018 Schedule

The schedule for the Wesak 2018 Festival is as follows.

  • Day 1: 28 April (6.00 pm onward)
  • Day 2: 29 April (6.00 pm onward)
  • Day 3: Wesak Festival  Full Moon Meditation 30 April (5.30 am onward)
  • Day 4: 1 May (6.00 pm onward)
  • Day 5: 2 May (6.00 pm onward)

Eligibility: The event is open to all above 16 years of age. All are welcome.

Venues: Venue differ by dates.  

  • Meditation on 28-29 April and 1-2 May would be held at the Foundation Office.
  • Meditation on 30 April (the main Wesak Full Moon meditation) would be held at Kala Mandir, 48 Shakespeare Sarani, Kolkata, West Bengal 700017.

How to Attend: Passes would be required for joining the event. Please contact the Foundation Office to register for the event and collect your passes.

We also do understand the the time for the main meditation proper is very early in the morning (5.30 am IST). Please reach out to us in case you require any logistical assistance to make it to the event. The Local Foundation would try our best to assist you.

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