The New Year is traditionally marked by two things – celebrations and resolutions. However, for most people New Year resolutions are almost impossible to maintain and many of us end up making the same resolutions year after year after year.

For many New Year Resolutions are essentially a western phenomena. But are such resolutions important? This is what Madam Blavatsky had to say on the subject of new year resolutions.

“Let no one imagine that it is a mere fancy, the attaching of importance to the birth of the year. The earth passes through its definite phases and man with it; and as a day can be coloured so can a year. The astral life of the earth is young and strong between Christmas and Easter. Those who form their wishes now will have added strength to fulfil them consistently.”

New Year Resolutions

There is also an old English proverb which says: “well begun is half done”. What this means that that beginning a project well makes it easier to do the rest; and once you have set the right platform it is easier to be successful. Therefore, it is important to plan your year in advance and make resolutions about the things that you would like to achieve. Having a plan makes it much easier to meet your targets and goals.

However, New Year resolutions will never do us any good if we do not sustain them. The mere desire for something good will never get us anywhere. We have to maintain the desire; we have to stick to the resolution; we have to exert our will, and achieve the targets that we have set.

The beauty of the teachings provided by Master Choa Kok Sui is that they can almost be applied to almost every aspect of our life… including helping us meet and achieve our New Year Resolutions.

How to achieve your New Year Resolutions

Here are some tips and techniques that could actually help you keep your resolutions.

1. Clear Understanding: MCKS often stressed upon the need to properly plan our life. Proper planning comes from clarity of understanding of the objective of and purpose of the target. Think. Why is this resolution worth making? How will this improve your life for the better? What are the benefits that you will get? With clarity of purpose it is easier to follow through on your resolutions.

2. Focus on the Important Areas: If you want to change your life, don’t try changing everything at once. Prioritize and focus on the most important tasks. According to Master Choa, “Do not have too many objectives. One-pointedness is the key to success.” Focus on what is vital. In general don’t have more than 3-4 objectives.

3. Choose the Right Words: Sometimes we make negative resolutions. We say, “I will not drink”; “I will not lie”; “I will not do this”; “I will not do that”. Whereas the proper resolve to make is that “I will do this”. By making a positive resolution we are making a direct affirmation of will.

4. Write it Down: If you write your goals down you are empowering your thoughts to materialize faster. According to MCKS, “When you write something down, you tend to physicalize the thoughts.” Hence everything must be written down.

5. Plan: Effective planning is needed to manifest your goals. Break macro tasks into micro tasks. As MCKS taught, “break one arrow at a time”. For example, it is not enough to say that “I will meditate regularly”. Create a schedule. Write it down. Put the schedule in a prominent place so that your attention remains focused on the goal. Monitor the schedule. As Master taught us: “The power of the laser light is that it is one pointed”. Be realistic. Don’t ask for the moon. Don’t over promise. Write something that you know is possible to accomplish.

6. Use Your Will: The nature of the body is that it is lazy. It is important to use the Will. Without exercising will-power it is difficult to accomplish things. According to MCKS, “Once you have a target, follow it till you hit it. You must behave like a heat seeking missile. Whatever you start you must finish!” Develop your will by striving to make small changes in your one after the other. For example, if you decide to exercise for 15 minutes everyday; then make sure you stick to the target irrespective of anything of anything that comes in your way. Over time this will strengthen your will. The will is also to do with the Ajna chakra. Scan and check your Ajna chakra. If it is weak then do self-healing.

7. Change Older Patterns: While working on a goal or target it is important to remove old thought forms and patterns in your system. Usually we fail because of the same patterns. Without removing the old patterns you cannot plant new seeds. Use inner reflection and firm resolution. Be aware of your mistakes and shortcomings. Mentally erase the mistakes and shortcomings and visualize yourself doing the right thing at least five times. Repeated wholesome thoughts would manifest as wholesome actions creating the pattern for success.

8. Remove Internal Obstacles: MCKS taught: “You are your own limitation. If you think it cannot be done, it cannot be done. If you think it can be done, it can be done.” Don’t have doubts. Doubts weaken your energy and pull you back. We need to constantly clear our mind from self-defeating self-sabotaging thoughts and inner obstacles. Pranic Psychotherapy is one of the most effective techniques dealing with these inner noises and doubts. Also, if you haven’t attended the MCKS Pranic Psychotherapy workshop yet, then make sure you plan and attend it during the coming year.

If you follow the above with one-pointedness then you can accomplish what you have planned for in 2018. A Happy New Year from all of us at the YVPHFWB.


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New Year Resolutions: Meeting Your Targets for 2018
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New Year Resolutions: Meeting Your Targets for 2018
A New Year brings celebrations and new year resolutions. Resolutions are broken more than they are kept. The beauty of the teachings provided by MCKS is that they can almost be applied to almost every aspect of our life… including helping us meet and achieve our New Year Resolutions.
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