A quick Google search on “Why Am I Not Happy” returns over 1.8 billion results. In a sense happiness (or unhappiness) has become an industry in itself. There are thousands of books written on this subject and there are dozens of workshops and seminars across the globe that deal with the elusive subject of finding happiness. You may also come across some scientific study on happiness.  Shouldn’t happiness be something which a natural emotion? Why is it that so many people not happy? The real reason is something which may surprise you.

Why Am I Not Happy

The Unhappiness Problem

For many happiness can be elusive. The question of “Why Am I Not Happy” warrants the search for a solution.

There are many people across the ages who have offered a solution for unhappiness. For instance, there are many self-help and new age books out there which claim that “happiness is a choice” (as if there would be anyone who would make a conscious choice to be unhappy and miserable). Can happiness really be so simple? Just choosing to be happy will make you happy? Logically it doesn’t quite seem so.

Then there is another bunch of self-help books that tends to suggest stuff such as the importance of thinking positive thoughts, being mindful of the present, being nice to others, and being grateful for what we have. The trouble is just this.  There most people who read the self-help books fail to get results. Why else would you keep seeing newer books in print year after year after year which offer similar solutions? Don’t get us wrong. None of these suggestions that are made by self-help books are bad – but but they don’t fully fully solve the problem of “Why Am I Not Happy”. So there might be something else to it. 

At the 2008 Happiness & Its Causes Conference in San Francisco (yup – there was really such a conference), a wide range of people offered their thoughts and solutions to the problem. The speakers ranged from scientists, doctors, and psychologists to artists, philosophers, and religious people. Their solutions ranged from simplicity, slowing down the pace of your life, letting go of negativity, staying hopeful, letting go of sadness, and connecting with others. All of these things are good (and smart) things to do. But unfortunately these things only partially solve the problem of “Why Am I Not Happy”.

The main reason why the resolution to unhappiness is at best partial is because of the incorrect diagnosis of why people are unhappy. Unless you diagnose the problem correctly, you won’t be able to administer the right medicine. 

So what is the real reason for unhappiness?

The Real Reason For Unhappiness

The beauty of the teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui is that it much easier for us to get a handle on the problems that we face and find a solution for those. The epic problem of unhappiness is no exception.

The answer and explanation are simple.

You are the soul, and not the body.

It is just as simple as that. Let’s state this again in case you missed it out the previous time.

You are the soul, and not the body.

Most people only focus on things that can be enjoyed by the physical body. This is in the form of more stuff, gadgets, material possessions, fame, status, or even good physical health. One does come across many middle-aged individuals who experience the so called mid-life-crisis which is generally to do with a sense of confusion around where they are going with their lives, depression and a lack of self-confidence.

Then there are many who look at remediation to such a crisis by taking up a new hobby such as running, going to the gym, traveling, or simple working longer hours. We know something is missing that nothing seems to fill, yet we are clueless as to what. This is the emptiness which does not vanish.

However, none of these are real solutions. They are but distractions. Because you are not a body, none of this really helps.  This doesn’t impact the real “you” (the soul).

There are many who think success will make you happy. A nice job, nice fat pay check, luxury cars, and fame. But those things also make people happy? The famous Hollywood actor Jim Carrey once said:

“I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of, so they can see it’s not the answer.”

What he said seems to be true. He is rich. He is famous. He is good looking. But he is still not happy.

The soul doesn’t care about what you look like, the price tag clothes you wear, the car you drive, or the places you visit. The soul wants (and craves different things). The soul enjoys being “fed” with spiritual energy. The soul likes being compassionate. The soul likes helping other people. The soul like to grow. The soul likes freedom.

How To Be Happy

If you really want to be happy the solution is simpler than you think. You need to start focusing on your soul. Flip your priorities around… start looking inwards.

We are not saying that one shouldn’t care about the body or material stuff. Those are very important. It is important to exercise and keep the body fit and healthy. It is good to have money given that your needs and requirements have to be met. It is good to have abundance, prosperity and success given that it provides comfort and the financial freedom to focus on yourself. But the pursuits of the material shouldn’t be at the expense of your essence (the soul).

Feed your soul. Meditate every day (or almost every day).  When you practice something like the Meditation on the Twin Hearts, it puts the real you (the soul) in contact with your source. By doing the meditation on the Twin Hearts you would be able “feed” your soul with the source of its sustenance (i.e. lots of Divine energy – the very stuff the soul is made of). You will feel complete and fulfilled.

When you keep up with this and keep re-establishing the link with the source and strengthen it daily, you will realize that unhappiness is just a thing of the past.

Don’t take our word for it. Try this for yourself. And do let us know how it went.

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Why Am I Not Happy
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Why Am I Not Happy
A Google search on "Why Am I Not Happy" returns 1.8 billion results. So why are people are not happy? The real reason is something which may surprise you.
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