Whether or not you have a better life depends on you. It depends on your attitude. Any relationship involves at least two people. All relationships have friction and misunderstandings. Hate binds two souls together… but it just needs one to break the links. Forgiveness is not a matter of who is right or wrong. It is a matter of doing the right thing. If you seek revenge, you will not have inner peace. By forgiving and blessing, you stop wallowing in mud and you can achieve inner peace and freedom.

Forgiveness Affirmations

In this article we are sharing some affirmations taught by MCKS which can help you forgive.

When You Get Angry

When you get angry with someone and you are about to say or do something nasty, touch your heart, bless the person.

Silently say:

God’s blessing and peace be with me and be with you.

Repeat 7 times

When Someone Hurts You

Imagine the person in front of you. Mentally say:

“I salute the divinity within you,
I salute the Atma (soul) within you.
Namaste! I forgive you.
You are forgiven by Lord God.
Let peace be with you.
Shanti, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti  
Please go in peace.

When You Hurt Someone

Imagine the person in front of you. Mentally say:

I salute the divinity within you!
I came to know my role about hurting you
and generating negative karma out of that.
I ask for forgiveness with peace.
I’ve realized my mistake and apologize for that
Go in peace.

Lord God forgive me for my mistake.
Thank you for forgiving and neutralizing my negative Karma.

Releasing Difficult People

Imagine the person in front of you. Mentally say:

We all are children of the most high.
I salute the Christ in you, the Buddha in you, the divinity within you,

God’s blessings be with you!
I will not talk to you.
I will not interact with you.
I refuse to be entangled by you!
I will keep my distance from you!
Go in peace!

Cut the energy cord between you and this individual through a karate chop motion in front of your solar plexus

Be very grateful to people who are nasty to you! They help you evolve.

Forgiveness For Kindness Clarity and Mercy

Inner forgiveness is therapeutic. If you do not forgive, you cannot be internally healed. forgiving heals the soul. Make a list of all your enemies and those who have hurt you. Mentally visualize forgiving each one of them. Use the following prayer:

I salute the divinity within you
We all are children of God,
We all are evolving,
we all make mistakes.
I forgive you for all your mistakes.
I ask for your forgiveness for all my mistakes

May the blessings of God be with you.
Go in peace

Feel compassion for that person. Bless that person with peace and love.

[Acknowledgements: All affirmations are from the books of MCKS. This article has been sourced via ThePranicHealers.com – the Official World Pranic Healing Foundation website for Outside India.]


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