Many ancient traditions seem to have a universal recognition on the importance of water and fire, whether they take a literal meaning or one which is metaphorical. For example, physical bathing is an essential task for any aspirant who is preparing for a spiritual rite. Water not only cleanses the physical body, but also the energy of the subtle body. Bathing may help remove energy blockages in our auras that may contribute to the development of various diseases. This ritual is sometimes referred to as “purification by water”. The same can be said of fire. In several ancient traditions fire is often used during worship. There are various forms which rituals may take  – be it lighting of a lamp, incense, or a candle. A possible reason is fire disintegrates anything which comes into contact with with… including unwanted energies. This is sometimes referred to as “purification by fire”. 

Purification by Water

One of the most amazing things about the teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui is that we tend to find explanations about several ancient traditions and rituals. In this article we will discuss the concept of purification by water and how you could practically apply the same to your spiritual practices.

Purification by Water: Practical Applications

When practiced regularly, the Meditation on Twin Hearts as taught to us by MCKS, can bring about tremendous personal healing and positive life transformation. The meditation works on the physical, mental and spiritual levels to activate the heart and crown chakra thereby enabling us to bring down divine energy to flush out our system. Doing the Meditation on Twin Hearts is like taking a spiritual shower thereby partially cleansing and purifying our aura and chakras.

One of the ways to accelerate the purifying effect of the Meditation on Twin Hearts is by placing our legs in a bucket of salt water while doing the mediation. The instructions for the same are as follows: 

  • Fill a bucket of water till a little above your ankle level. Add a few tablespoons of salt in it.
  • Place your hands in the blessing position and simultaneously chant the mantra OM seven (7) times. Bless the water with the energy of the mantra OM. This energises the water with tremendous amounts of Divine Energy.
  • Place your legs in the bucket and do the Meditation on Twin Hearts. You can use any version of the meditation, however Twin Hearts with Self-healing or Twin Hearts with Chakral Healing give better results. Physical exercises should be done as usual before and after the mediation.
  • Keep your feet in the bucket from the start to the end of the meditation. After the meditation, discard the water in the toilet and flush.

It has been clairvoyantly observed that the grosser, dirtier energies are towards the lower part of the aura, while he subtler, more refined ones are towards the upper part of the aura. Since salt has a disintegrating property, by placing your legs in a salt-water bucket, the lower part of your aura gets cleansed of all the grossest energies, thoughts and emotions. As a result, you the soul can experience greater expansion of consciousness and a high degree of union with the higher soul.

Practicing this technique regularly for a few months would significantly cleanse the aura and chakras. This is also one of the reasons why this technique is recommended for patients suffering from terminal illnesses (such as cancer). Repeated practice of this technique significantly purifies the aura of the mediator thereby accelerating recovery cycles. 

Notice that in several traditions washing of the body, especially the feet, is an important part of prayer or worship. The understanding of why it is done becomes clearer because of this understanding. This is also one of the main teachings of the Last Supper (from the Christian tradition) where the Lord Christ washed the feet of his disciples.  

Give this technique a shot. You may notice that it becomes easier to “fly” in the inner worlds. And do let us know how your practice went.

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Understand what is purification by water and learn method taught by MCKS which can help you significantly cleanse and purify your aura and chakras.
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