Most people find money liberating. However, many spiritual practitioners have a subconscious guilt about having an abundance of money. Consequently, many spiritual practitioners often sabotage their own material and financial success. However, in Pranic Healing we believe money is simply a valuable tool. We believe that money and money equivalents can be beneficial tools for furthering spiritual purposes and hence it is important for you to improve your finances. Money can enable us to help solve the world’s problems by donating to charities that feed the hungry and assist poverty-stricken and diseased areas. Money can help us educate our children and provide good living conditions. The proper amount of resources buys the freedom to have time to meditate and serve humanity. This is why Master Choa Kok Sui taught that, “being materialistic in a Spiritual way is good.”

Improve Your Finances

People often think that having higher education and a disciplined work ethic should be sufficient to guarantee a life of financial success. Unfortunately, many are shocked and disappointed to discover that they have worked hard all their lives only to have to depend on “social insecurity”. Many of the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, including Bill Gates, do not even have a college degree, yet seem to have money and opportunities fall on their laps. This demonstrates that there may be other important factors at play which enable us to make and retain money. The purpose of this article is to discuss some of these factors and outline some of the practical approaches which could help you improve your finances.

The Keys To Improving Your Finances

There are several important factors that affect your ability to be prosperous. The main ones are detailed below.

1. Science of Entitlement: This powerful technique allows us to create the conditions that entitle us to have our wishes fulfilled through the use of the Law of Karma. The best way to understand the Law of Karma is through the Biblical phase “You Reap What You Sow” (Galatians 6:7). By giving and sharing money generously with others you generate what is called Prosperity Karma and there-by sow the seeds to become prosperous. Prosperity karma is like electricity, and intelligent effort is like a television unit. One without the other will not produce a picture. Without Prosperity Karma it is unlikely that you will become rich.

2. Your Chakral Condition: Another important factor to becoming rich and successful is to do with the size and strength of our chakras. Upper chakras, like the crown and the heart, affect our spirituality. The lower chakras, like the basic chakra or root centre, affect our survival instinct and are to do with practicality. The basic chakra is the center of productivity and also affect our ability to make money. Many spiritual practitioners who experience money challenges have significantly big upper chakras and tiny lower chakras, which manifests as a condition called “spaced out”. Through the proper use of techniques taught in Basic Pranic Healing, Advanced Pranic Healing and Pranic Psychotherapy it is possible to strengthen and properly balance the chakras thereby creating a foundation for attracting prosperity. Do note that apart from the Basic Chakra, there are six others chakras which are connected with prosperity. 

3. Your Attitude Towards Money: Another key to becoming rich and successful is your attitude towards money. If you think you cannot get rich, or if you think having a lot of money may affect your character, then these would prevent you from attracting prosperity. According to MCKS, “Money is like a woman! If you say you do not like her, she will go away. Silently affirm to yourself: Money flows to me like a river! Money rains on me like a waterfall!”. To attract money abundantly, you need to change your attitude towards money. You need to create a prosperity consciousness. Dress well. Look prosperous and professional. You don’t need to buy expensive cloths, but your look should be presentable and smart. Be confident. You may use positive affirmations to be able to attract money easily and more effectively such as “I am prosperous and happy”, “money flows to me like a river”, “money rains on me like a waterfall”, and “money comes to me easily and abundantly”.

4. Clarity of Purpose: As we properly put our material life in order it gives us the time and opportunity to meditate, heal and to pursue our true reason for living – to serve others. Therefore, it is very helpful to have the clarity around why you want to have a lot of money. It also helps to have a clear financial target around how much money do you need.

Practical Steps Towards Improving Your Finances

Some of the practical things that you can do to improve your finances, include:

1. Tithe: Generate prosperity karma by feeding the poor, tithing to charitable organizations, supporting our local, as well as global, Pranic Healing projects. Hence it is strongly advised that you tithe a portion of your income every month, preferably within the very first week of the month. Do note that tithing specifically means donating 10% of your net income.

2. Serve: Allocate a minimum amount of time to do service on a monthly basis. Especially in helping to propagate Pranic healing through healing, leading meditation groups, organizing workshops, encouraging people to experience Pranic Healing, and teaching. You can also get in touch with us at the Local Foundation if you would like to contribute your time towards supporting our projects and spreading Pranic Healing.

3. Bless Your Projects: In order to manifest a wish or materialize a plan, we need to stuff it with enough energy. Wish or plan is in fact a thought form created by us. In order to increase its potency and life span we need to stuff the thought form with enough energy. Participate in group meditations on Twin Hearts, especially during the Full Moon, and bless your projects and targets. This includes your immediate, short term and long term projects.

4. Practice Moderation: Assess your Cash Flow. This includes sitting down and calculating what are your actual monthly expenses. Divide them between necessary expenses and wants. Compare this with your monthly income. If your income is not enough to cover your expenses, then you must cut away your expenses, starting with the “wants”. According to MCKS it is important to “differentiate between necessities and desires. Differentiate between strong desire and spontaneous desire.”

5. Save and Invest: From your income, try to save and invest at least 10% of your net income.  Try to gradually increase it to 30% of your earning. You may also open a separate bank account only for your savings. The moment you get your salary or earn something, take out money and put it in your savings bank account. If you don’t separate the saving from the money you have allocated for expenses, there is a tendency to spend them all.

6. Go debt free: In general, avoid debt. Try to keep your credit card record clean. Don’t go for a lot of loans and installments at once. If you use most of your income to pay for the loans and installments, there will be no money for savings and tithing. Without tithing, your capacity to earn more will be affected.

7. Avoid Stealing: Practice the virtue of non-stealing.  Generosity creates good karma of prosperity while stealing brings poverty. Avoid stealing of any sort – including pirated movies and music off the internet, pirated software, stealing ideas, or even credit that belongs to others.

8. Apply Pranic Healing: Pranic Healing in this case as a successful science and art of healing can be very helpful. Pranic Healing techniques can be used to balance and improve the condition of the chakras as well as the aura. Pranic Healing can be applied by individuals as a self-healing approach or by professional healers for any individual. For example, if you have a lot of debts and find it difficult to attract money or earn more, if you are jobless or always change jobs; then you need to strengthen your chakras, especially the Basic chakra. Once the chakras are healthy and strong, the financial condition of the person will substantially get improved.

9. Learn and Practice the Teachings on Prosperity: Enrol for the specific MCKS workshops on prosperity – specifically Kriyashakti, Pranic Feng Shui and Spiritual Business Management. Students who learn and practice the teachings tend to be more successful

10. Help others get rich: This is based on the “Golden Rule,” whatever you want, you need to give to others and whatever you don’t want, you should not do unto others. If you want to be rich, you need to help other people get rich. This can be by finding a job for them, creating job opportunities, and blessing them with prosperity.

11. Avoid Enviousness: According to MCKS, “An inability to feel happy when other people are successful will pull you down. Avoid enviousness.” When you come across someone who is doing well financially, then bless the person with more prosperity, more abundance and more success. According to the law of karma life is like an echo. What you give is what you will receive. Blessing others with a better life will come back to you in the form of a better life.

12. Apply Intelligent Effort: You cannot become rich and successful without using your head and applying intelligent effort. Try to become good with what you do. And always keep your eyes open for opportunities to improve your finances. Always remember, if you do not initiate a change, the situation will continue on its current path.

In addition to these dozen steps, we also joyfully encourage you to review the teachings of MCKS on prosperity and abundance that have been provided in the Golden Lotus Sutras titled “Achieve the Impossible”.

Often times we get so busy with everything else and forget the basics of what we have been taught by our beloved Teacher. We should use the precise step-by-step formula of generating good karma, working intelligently and applying the teachings to give our families a comfortable life and also to manifest the spiritual destiny we have chosen.


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Improve Your Finances: The Pranic Healing Approach
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Improve Your Finances: The Pranic Healing Approach
in Pranic Healing we believe money is a valuable tool. This article details some of the practical things that you can do to improve your finances using a combination of the science of entitlement and other Pranic Healing techniques and principles.
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