According to German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.” There is almost no one who hasn’t dealt with a life crisis such as a reversal of fortune, a personal tragedy, a broken relationship, a disastrous material loss, or the death of someone close. While it is true that overcoming crisis and difficult times does make one stronger, the ordeal of going through such life events is challenging and painful.

As we seek health, success and happiness in the physical world, we are often oblivious to how close true health, success and happiness are, because we don’t look inward. Is there a smoother way for us to pass though life’s challenges? As Master Choa Kok Sui taught, “The main obstacles are within you. The key is within you.”

Overcoming Crisis

Overcoming the Turbulence of Life

In the midst of a difficult situation or crisis, you have the choice of letting go to unregulated chaotic emotions that doesn’t make the situation any better, or remain calm and think how to overcome the challenges. As MCKS taught, “In a crisis, be calm. Do not freak out!” Having seen the power of the teachings of MCKS through the years our mantra remains: “Don’t Panic. Do Pranic.” In this article we present some insights and perspectives of what you could do to overcome life’s challenges and difficult times.

1. Invoke: One of the first (and most important) thing to do is to for help in difficult times is to invoke for the blessing of the Supreme God and the Great Ones for Divine help. You may ask for whatever you require  such as guidance, courage, healing energy. You may watch a video on an interview with MCKS on the power of prayer and meditation here.

2. Do the Soul Affirmation: Say the Soul Affirmation regularly to remind yourself of who you really are, to remind you that you are a Child of God and you are connected with God; and therefore have everything you need is within you. Remind yourself constantly about your true nature. Be open and accepting. Everything else will follow.

3. Use the Law of Mercy: The Bible teaches us that “Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy” (Matthew 5:7). By showing mercy to others, mercy will be shown to you. This follows from the teachings of the Law of Karma. Some people have had a hard life, but through the use of the Law of Karma, they have become very rich. MCKS once gave the case case of a certain businessman. The government took away his family’s properties when he was still a young boy. They had to live in a small house, and almost had nothing. Later, the first business he put up was making balloons. Then, he expanded to other businesses. Through intelligent hard work, and a big heart (by sharing and giving) his company became very prosperous. His family is now very wealthy.

One needs to be realistic. Bad things cannot happen to you if you hadn’t planted the seeds for the same and generated negative karma. MCKS said, “The Law of Mercy and the Law of Forgiveness supersede the Law of Karma”. What exactly does it mean? According to the Law of Karma, what you sow is what you reap. The Law of Karma can also help you overcome crisis in your life. Thus, if you are facing difficulties today, it is because of your bad deeds of the past. Similarly, if you are merciful and forgive others for their wrongdoings, you are entitled to receive mercy and forgiveness in return. A person ignorant of the Law of Karma will go through difficult times and suffer till his negative karma is worked out in entirety. However, a person aware of the Law, can practice forgiveness, which will entitle him to receive forgiveness, and thereby reduce his suffering. Therefore, one of the most important thing to do to overcome crisis is to show mercy towards others to offset part of your past negative karma. A few ways to show mercy include:

  • Donate towards humanitarian projects and give to those in need. One of the things that has proved to be helpful (based on the experience of other Pranic Healers) is to feed the poor. In general give at least 10% of your net monthly income to charity for the rest of your life to alleviate the sufferings of other people.
  • Avoid eating meat and fish: being a vegetarian would be very helpful. By showing mercy to the members of the animal kingdom, mercy will also be shown to you.
  • Avoid injuring, bullying, and being cruel to other people. Mercy cannot be shown to those who do not show mercy to others.

4. Do Service: Good deeds and good actions become physicalized when you do service. If you want to pay off your negative karma fast, do service along with your tithing. These are the avenues through which the Soul manifests itself. Service is of two types:

  • Yang form (or energy form) of service. Blessing the world using the Meditation on Twin Hearts is Yang form of service. By doing Twin Hearts it is possible to generate a lot of good karma. Every time we practice Twin Heart Meditation, we pass Divine love and Divine peace to mother earth by blessing her. We bless the unhappy and sick. We bless the less fortunate. This way we are actually serving mankind. Doing the Meditation on Twin Hearts generates good karma for us and we in return receive love and happiness. Regular practice of the meditation on Twin Hearts reinforces the act of internal giving through blessing the Earth and all people. It makes you strong and gives you the ability to be centred within and to become more balanced. However, do make sure you do not over-practice this meditation. In general, do not practice Twin Hearts more than once a day. 
  • Yin form (or material form) of service which actually constitutes providing material or physical assistance. This can be done in multiple ways including feeding the poor, healing people, and helping those in distress. 

You need to do both during difficult times.

If you have worked out most of your negative karma and have not done anybody any harm, then you have nothing to fear, as nothing can harm you. The Law of Karma in unbreakable. This is the meaning behind the statement “My righteousness is my shield”. A thousand or a million may fall beside such a man, but not a single strand of his hair will be touched! 

5. Use the Law of Forgiveness: As stated in the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi, “It is in pardoning that we are pardoned,” and in the Lord’s Prayer, one must forgive others before one can seek divine forgiveness. Make a list of all those who have hurt you. Mentally visualise forgiving each of them. Mentally bless each of them with that what is best for them. Mentally request for Lord’s mercy and forgiveness. Repeat the process for as long as necessary until one feels an inner sense of forgiveness Inner forgiveness gives you the ability to grow, to be free, and it also gives you the opportunity to generate positive karma.

It is the basis of the command given by Lord Christ to “love your enemy”. To return hate with hate, anger with anger, malicious injury with malicious injury will only worsen things. But to return hatred with kindness and love will inevitably result in harmony and peace. The command to love one’s enemy was also taught by Lord Gautama Buddha and other spiritual teachers. It is possible for patients with very severe or terminal illness to be healed through the law of mercy and the law of forgiveness. It would also be helpful to practice the forgiveness affirmations taught by MCKS.

6. Meditate and learn the lesson that is to be learned and make a firm resolution to do the right thing: According to MCKS, the Law of Karma is not fatalistic, but is self-determining or self- directing. It simply means you are responsible and accountable for your deeds, words, feelings, and thoughts. You cannot blame other people, your parents, your environment or some unseen forces for the problems or troubles that you are experiencing. If you get yourself in trouble, then you should get yourself out of it with or without outside help. If you are experiencing a lot of “bad luck” or your condition is quite restrictive or you are experiencing “injustice”, then you should meditate and learn whatever lessons are to be learned from them. You should do good deeds to generate good karma. You should work hard and intelligently to improve your condition. It is by learning your lessons, by doing good deeds, and by working hard and intelligently that you can reverse an adverse condition. It is by working out or overcoming negative karma that one is purified and gains inner strength and wisdom.

7. Apply the teachings: MCKS through his workshops has provided solutions to almost all of life’s problems. When you are dealing with a crisis go back to the basics. Review the books and workshop notes diligently. More often than not, you will find that the answers are all there.

8. Focus on your Spiritual Practices: There are many of us who seek health, success and happiness in the physical world. Sometimes we chase after things which are material (but temporary) at the cost of that which is permanent (our spiritual development). Crisis is sometimes a wake-up call asking you to focus on that which is more important i.e. our spiritual development. It might help to review a previous article on Spirituality: Why Care?

9. Ask for Help: As MCKS taught, “when you are in in trouble ask for help”. Asking for help is a sign of strength and not weakness. Do not try and be a lone ranger.

10. Gratitude: Last but not least remember gratitude. Give thanks for all the good things in your life. Always give thanks, even for the challenges, because they teach you how to become a better soul. As we ask, an answer is given. In the deeper level, gratitude is understanding and believing in the truth that the source of all — God — is within us and therefore as we are connected with all. Each of us is not alone, not just by ourselves or for ourselves but always with all — oneness. As above, so below, as without so within. Everything is within and already given, all you need to do is to expand your awareness beyond your limited mental understanding of what is real — to the higher reality of your true self.

All these guidelines and techniques are based on the teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui. We hope that these would help to enrich your life. 


  1. Great piece of summing up of GMCKS teachings which is really meant for everyone in present days life. Pranam to Master Choa kok sui on his birthday & our National Independence Day.
    Atma Namaste

    • Thank you so much for such a wonderful piece of information🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
      Atma Namaste

  2. Thank you so much for reminding 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


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Overcoming Crisis and Difficult Times
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Overcoming Crisis and Difficult Times
As we seek health, success and happiness, we are often oblivious to how close true health, success and happiness are. It is because we don’t look inward. Is there a smoother way for us to overcome crisis and pass though life’s challenges? As MCKS taught, “The main obstacles are within you. The key is within you.”
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