According to Master Choa Kok Sui, “The purpose of Meditation is to develop your Higher Faculties. Without this development, understanding deeper Spiritual Truths is not possible.” There are many meditations taught within the MCKS Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga system starting with the Meditation on Twin Hearts to highly advanced Arhatic meditations such as Innner Breath and Arhatic Dhyan. The benefit you get from a specific meditation depends on the nature of the meditation. While meditation does empower us to reach greater heights and to achieve greater goals, there you could try to use the following meditation tips, techniques and methods to gain much more from your practice.
Meditation Tips

Suggested Meditation Tips

1. Routine: Meditate at the same time every day, whether in the morning, before lunch, the evening, or at night. Developing a routine helps your practice produce consistent results.

However, do note that there are some people who find it difficult to sleep at night after doing meditations just before bed-time. As discussed in our article How Did You Sleep Last Night?, it may be tougher to fall sleep if you are feeling highly energized and re-vitalized. Hence it is important to listen to your body. What works for others may not work for you.  

2. Place: Meditate in the same room or corner of a room. This helps you maintain your routine; it also energizes and sensitizes that room or area, thus making it more conducive to the production of clean Prana. Additionally, the spiritual energy that is pulled down during meditation impregnates the place where you meditate – thereby making it much easier for you to get into a deeper meditative state. 

3. Keep your primary meditation area physically and energetically clean: As you meditate more, you become more receptive and sensitive to subtle energy, which means you can more easily become contaminated by an energetically dirty environment. Thus, you should practice good energetic hygiene in your meditation area—for example, burn incense, play the Om CD, or other techniques taught in the MCKS Practical Psychic Self Defence workshop. You may also review a prior article which provided techniques to help you purify your space

4. Prepare for the Meditation. Preparation for meditation is as important as the meditation itself. Have you ever tried having a glass of juice or a soft drink with a straw? As you sip the drink, it smoothly flows into your mouth. Now imagine if the straw was filled with dirt. How much of the drink would be able to pass through it? Even if some of it does manage to pass through, would you like to consume the dirty drink? It is similar when we do meditation. The Divine energy which enters our body through the crown chakra is like the drink; and our meridians are the different straws in the energy body. If the meridians are blocked, not only does it hinder the flow of Divine energy throughout the body, but the dirty and diseased energy blocking the meridian also blocks the flow of Divine energy coming into our aura and chakras resulting in energetic congestion. For the blessings to flow through you, one need to be energetically clean.

One of the simplest ways to clean the energy body is by doing physical exercises. The simple whole-body pre-meditation exercises taught by MCKS are ideal for cleaning the chakras and meridians from head to toe. When done slowly, and with awareness of the body part being exercised, it is possible to greatly expel unwanted energies from the body making it much easier to have a blissful experience during the meditation. Without doing exercises, the practice of any advanced meditation may have an adverse on the body, as the energy may be too strong for the body to handle. On the other hand, doing these exercises before and after meditation makes the body stronger and healthier. The more you exercise, the deeper would be the meditation. You can also try and meditate after hitting the gym or returning from a jog or after an intense Hatha Yoga session. It may make your meditation experiences deeper. 

Also, by doing Pranic Breathing (and other advanced Arhatic breathing exercises) before the meditation, the body and the soul can be purified. The body is purified by removing the energy blockages in the chakras and meridians. The soul is purified by regulating the emotions and thoughts, hence achieving inner calmness and stillness through proper breathing exercises. The energy body becomes bigger and stronger, hence increasing the capacity of the practitioner to absorb Divine energy.

Another important meditation tip is to also read a few sutras of the book The Existence of God Is Self Evident prior to meditating. According to MCKS, “By reading this book just once, the spiritual cord will become much bigger. There will be a greater downpour of spiritual energy. The crown chakra and all of the upper chakras will become bigger.” You will therefore have a deeper meditation. 

5. Use a Meditation Mat and a Shawl. Meditation mat and meditation shawls are recommended for spiritual practitioners since they (partially) conserve the spiritual energies generated by the mediators. This would help facilitate a deeper meditation given that you would be able to start the meditation with a slightly higher energy state (as opposed to starting from ground zero). It is recommended that the meditation mat be made of silk. Given that silk is not a good “conductor” of energy, it would minimize contamination which may arise from sitting in a spot which is not energetically clean.

6. Don’t fight distractions, noises, or other sensory impressions that may interrupt your meditation. More important, don’t allow such disturbances to make you angry. If the dog barks, or a car horn honks, note it without reacting, and bring your mind back to the focus of your meditation. Don’t give in to the distraction. Don’t give it attention and energy. You can blend distractions into your meditation this way: (a) acknowledge the disturbance objectively and without judgment; (b) say something to yourself such as, “Outside noises and sounds only make my meditation deeper and my practice more focused.”; and; (c) gently turn your attention back to the focus of your meditation and continue.

7. Try to Meditate in a Group: It is said that when 7 people meditate in a group, the energy that is generated is equal to 100 people meditating individually. Hence always look for opportunities to mediate in a group. This is one of the reasons why the Local Foundation hosts several group meditations every month; including group meditations during the Full Moon and New Moon. The more people meditating together, the greater is the amount of Divine Energy that you can pull down. You may also create you own meditation group with friends and family.

Things to Avoid

Having discussed the things to do to help you deepen your practice, there are also a few things that you should avoid. These include:  

  • Refrain from eating a heavy meal before meditating. Physiologically and energetically, your body is focused on digesting food, and this may cause you to get sleepy. 
  • Do not meditate out in the sun for prolonged amount of time. The solar Prana is too intense.
  • Do not meditate in a state of strong negative emotion, such as anger or fear. Use self-awareness or other clearing techniques to diminish the negative emotion before meditating. Some tips are provided in another article titled Stop Negative Thoughts: The Pranic Healing Approach.
  • Refrain from drinking cold beverages for one hour before and one hour after meditating. Meditation generates Prana, which is warm. Cold drinks create sudden changes in the body’s temperature and shock the energy channels.
  • Do not take a shower for two hours after meditating. Water washes away the fresh Prana you generate during meditation.

We hope that the meditation tips shared in this article would help you in making your practices deeper and more powerful. Happy meditating.

Bonus Tip

The intent of the article was to provide 7 tips which can help you deepen your meditation. We present here an eight (and bonus) tip to help you deepen your meditations. This is covered in the article titled Purification by Water: Cleanse your Aura and Chakras

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  1. Wonderful explanation. Simple and Easy with appropriate sutra and quotes. Very well articulated. Let all take benefits. Good work team WB.

  2. Namaste, thanks for the tips. Really very useful.
    Would also like to share one more tip. The time frame we set for meditation should give ample time for exercises, meditation, releasing excess energy & after exercises. Depending on the meditation, for eg. if we require 1 hr for all these, we shall choose a time where we’ll be free for 2 hrs to enjoy the intensity of the meditation. Thank you

  3. Namaste
    Simply loved the article. Such simple steps to elevate our experince during meditation. Thankyou for sharing with us such simple ways and means to help us meditate more effectively.


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